How to travel from Barcelona to Valencia?

Are you looking for a way to travel from Barcelona to Valencia? Are you on a trip to Barcelona, but looking for a way to do a day-trip to Valencia? Which is the best way of traveling between the cities?

It is extremely funny to look at the map portraying the ride between Barcelona and Valencia. If you just look at the map, it looks so close, and it might just be considered a nice walk. But, the truth is that the distance between Barcelona and Valencia is more than 350 km.

The ride from Barcelona to Valencia looks short, but it is more than 350 km.
The ride from Barcelona to Valencia looks short, but it is more than 350 km.

If you look at the little image above, you probably understand what I mean by saying that it looks so easy to travel from Barcelona to Valencia.

And easy it is, but it will require some time. But, how should you travel from Barcelona to Valencia? Which is the preferred method of traveling if you want to go from one city to the other?

In 2019, the Spanish football team will play their Euro 2020 qualification matches at the Marbella Stadium in Valencia. If you want to watch these, you can easily follow these instructions to discover how you can travel from Barcelona to Valencia in order to watch these matches at the stadium of the football team Valencia. Notice that there is a 3 km distance from the train station in Valencia to the stadium, but that is easy to cover on foot, or by using the well working public transportation in Valencia. If you want to find out more about the Euro 2020 qualification matches and when they will be played in Valencia, check the following Euro 2020 qualification streaming guide.

Travel from Barcelona to Valencia with train

The easiest way of traveling from Barcelona to Valencia if you do not have a car, is by train. The trains leave from Barcelona Sants (the main station in Barcelona several times a day), and the travel time is around 3 hours. That might feel like a lot, but that is what you have to be prepared for if you want to travel with train from Barcelona to Valencia.

A train ticket will cost you around 25 Euro, but if you book a ticket just before departure, it might get more expensive. Try to order the ticket as soon as possible to get your ticket as cheap as possible.

You can find train schedules and book tickets at

Travel from Barcelona to Valencia with plane

This might seem like a faster option, but if you take into consideration all the extras that come with a flight booking, you might not really save time, nor money. The flight time from Barcelona to Valencia is around 50 minutes, but if you take into consideration the ride to the airport in Barcelona, arrival minimum 1 hour before departure (rather 2 hours), and then waiting for the luggage in Valencia and then the actual travel from the airport in Valencia to the city center, you will most likely spend more time and money using this option than going by train.

If you still want to travel by plane, visit the airline Vueling for more information.

Travel from Barcelona to Valencia by car

The most comfortable might be to travel to Valencia with your own car, or by renting a car. If you travel 3-4 persons, it might also get cheaper, and it is easier as you can go exactly where you want to, without having to use public transportation, wait for trains to depart, or be dependent on other ways of transportation.

It is easy to do the ride and you should plan to use around 3,5 hours to cover the distance of 350 km between Barcelona and Valencia.

What to discover during a trip to Valencia?

Maybe you are visiting Valencia to watch a football match in which Valencia will play, or maybe to see the Spanish national team play one of their Euro 2020 qualifying matches. Or maybe you want to visit Valencia to discover the city and see the fantastic sights and attractions that the city has to offer? But, which are the most important sights in Valencia?

Here are some of the sites and places you definitely should visit during a trip to Valencia.

  • L’Oceanogràfic (a giant aquarium)
  • Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (an art and science part, looks really cool)
  • La Lonja de la Seda (a beautiful Gothic building in the center of Valencia from the 15th century)
  • The main market in Valencia (a fantastic market that has been renovated and now has more than 1000 stalls running)
  • Torres de Serranos (beautiful towers from the late half of the 14th century)
  • Valencia Bioparc (a beautiful park that kids will love. Here you can see wild animals in a beautiful area)
  • The Cathedral (a magnificent cathedral in Valencia that some people claim give house to the holy grail).

These are just some out of many beautiful attractions waiting for you as you decide to give Valencia a visit!

Valencia is a modern city with some amazing attractions!
Valencia is a modern city with some amazing attractions! Source: Pixabay

Which is the best option for traveling between Barcelona and Valencia?

The decision is entirely yours, but I would personally prefer the train ride as it is quiet, comfortable, you can read a book and enjoy your time to the full, without running after luggage, watching out for traffic (if you drive a car), and all those extras that come with flying or driving a car.

Have you traveled between Barcelona and Valencia yourself? Which kind of transport did you use? Were you satisfied? Would you recommend it to others? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the matter!

Who will broadcast Euro 2016 in Spain?

That is a brilliant question, but it seems at the moment as if we do not actually have an answer to your question! Because, based on the list on Wikipedia and the list in the IP Address Guide presenting the different broadcasters of the Euro 2016 to be played in France next year in June and July there are no broadcasters listed for Spain.

That does not mean that Euro 2016 will not be broadcasted in Spain, but it means that it might not be 100% sure yet which TV channel will actually broadcast the tournament. However, as you look through the list of Euro 2016 broadcasters you can notice that it looks very similar to the channels that broadcasted from the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, and if that is true, then the Euro 2016 will be broadcasted in general by Gol 1 ( a Pay TV channel), but some matches, at least those in which Spain play and some more will be broadcasted on free Spanish channels such as Telecinco and Cuatro.

There is therefore no need to worry, and if you want to watch the Euro 2016 with English speaking commentators instead, then you can of course watch all the action live on BBC and ITV in the United Kingdom, just like during the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. If you click the links you can find out more about how you can watch the mentioned channels in the UK live online, also in Spain!

With yesterdays matches the teams qualified for the Euro 2016 is also ready, so now we just have to wait for the groups to be ready in December and then we can start preparing for the highlight of the summer in 2016 which will be the European Championship in France.

Where to watch Bayern Munchen – Barcelona online?

Barcelona vs Bayern MunchenOn May 12th it is time for Bayern Munchen to receive Barcelona for the return match in the semifinal of the Champions League. In the first match Barcelona managed to score three goals during the last ten minutes, meaning that there has got to be loads of goals and action in Munchen for Bayern to have a chance. So, this will be a really action filled match probably! But, if you can not be there in Munich for the match, what can you do to watch it online?

To watch Bayern Munchen play against Barcelona online you will need to get yourself an IP address in the United Kingdom, because that is what will make it possible for you to watch the match live online on ITV, the amazing TV channel with great commentators on the British Island. And to get yourself an IP address in the United Kingdom we recommend that you visit the website of HideMyAss, a VPN provider with their offices in the United Kingdom. They do have servers in more than 100 nations worldwide, but since they are located in England they do have great servers available in England, so you just need to download their program and connect to a server in the UK, and then you are ready to watch ITV live online and to watch Bayern Munchen vs Barcelona online on May 12th.

It might be that you will have to enter some postal codes for ITV to work. Read more about these postal codes and examples of such in this article.

Be aware of the fact that if you do this and sign up for HideMyAss you can use the same subscription on May 13th to watch Real Madrid vs Juventus online. The only difference is that you will then connect to a server in Germany and then you can watch the match on the German TV channel ZDF online.

When does it snow in Barcelona?

Snow in BarcelonaBarcelona is the second largest city in Spain which is also the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. Barcelona is located on the eastern coast on the Iberian Peninsula so the city has Mediterranean climate which means winters are mild and summers are warm.

The average temperature in Barcelona at the day time is 20 °C and at night it is around 11 °C. The winters in Barcelona are really mild and the coldest months of the year in the city are December, January and February. At the winter the temperature ranges from 8 °C to 17 °C during the day time and at night it ranges from 2 °C to 10 °C. The temperature never really falls below 10 °C in the winter so it never really snows in Barcelona due to its climate but it is most likely to have snow in the city is in January.

The biggest snowfall since 1962 in Barcelona was in 2010 when public transport and roads were shutdown. Although Barcelona does not get too much snow during the winter the Pyrenees do and that’s why Barcelona is a good place for holidays even in the winters. The closest ski resorts to the city are La Molina and La Masella which are only a one and a half hours drive away.

If you want to know more on the climate in Barcelona check the following site.

How to watch UK TV online in Spain?

British TV online in SpainI was born in the United Kingdom, but have now lived in Spain and in Barcelona for a while. I love the weather, but I really miss watching the UK TV channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc. Is there anyway I can watch these channels online? As I try now I always get an error message telling me that it is not possible because I am in Spain.

This is a problem thousands of people in Spain suffer from, so you are not alone. The good thing is then that when lots of people have a request and a problem, some people always look for a way to help, and the solution in this case is provided by the UK company named Privax and their service HideMyAss. What you need is a membership to HideMyAss (visit their website to sign up) and with that membership you can at once get yourself an IP address in the United Kingdom. That is the solution to your problem, because once you get that you can start watching online streams from ITV, Channel 4, BBC and other UK channels online in Spain within a few minutes.

This was a short answer to your question, but you can also read a much longer and more thorough answer (with the same solution) in the following article written in the IP Address Guide.

How can I watch Netflix in Barcelona?

I am bringing my family to Barcelona for winter holidays. Every evening we watch something together on the laptop on Netflix, but I have heard that Netflix is unavailable in Spain. What can I do to make Netflix work in Barcelona and in Spain?

That is a brilliant question, and as someone located in Barcelona we of course enjoy Netflix ourselves, so the answer to this question is based on our very own personal experience. It is true as you wrote, that Netflix is in general unavailable in Spain and in Barcelona, meaning that you will only get an error message as you try to visit from Spain. As of know Netflix has not yet arrived to the nation, and that is the general problem.

Netflix Unavailable in Barcelona

The solution – How to watch Netflix in Barcelona!

Therefore, as you want to watch Netflix in Barcelona, what you need to do, is to make the Internet and Netflix believe that you are located elsewhere. If you already have a Netflix subscription in let us say the United Kingdom, then you should get yourself an IP address in the United Kingdom, and once you have such an IP address, you will be able to watch Netflix in the UK in Barcelona. The same is true if you want to watch Netflix in the United States and you have a subscription there, then you will need an American IP address.

If you do not have a Netflix subscription yet, but would like to watch Netflix in Barcelona, then you simply get an IP address in the UK or in the USA, and visit There you can sign up for your free thirty day trial, and start watching Netflix at once.

Since we are a Barcelona Guide (and not a tech guide) we will leave the hard details on how to get an IP address in another country to someone else, so if you want to know more about getting an IP address in the UK or in the USA, read one of the following articles.

There are quite a lot of films available on Netflix, so hopefully this little answer will help you, so that you and your family can have some quality time together watching your favorite series and films on Netflix together, even in Barcelona and in Spain.

Earlier we have answered somehow similar questions, for example on how to get a Spanish IP address. Read the answer by following the link, or if you have another question, then visit our questions and answers page, and hopefully we will be able to help you out as well!


Cost of living in Barcelona

I’m thinking about studying in Barcelona. The only thing I’m worried about is the prices and if I have enough money. Everything with the places I’m staying is paid for. But I get 600 euros a month to buy food and other stuff with like paying the cellphone bill, gym and also other things. I like to shop a lot also. I wondered how is the prices in Barcelona on the stores? And is 600 euros enough. I live in Norway which is very expensive, but I think Barcelona has the same prices.

Cost of living in BarcelonaThank you for the question! We can of course not guarantee you that this is a good answer for you, but we will do our best. If you have 600 Euro a month to live for, and all your common costs and flat costs are arranged already, it is of course possible to survive on 600 Euro a month in Barcelona. If you come from Norway the prices for groceries are cheaper and you can easily eat quite nice food at home and still have lots of money left. If you like to shop a lot, then 600 Euro is not enough anywhere in the world, maybe especially not in Barcelona. You can of course find cheaper shops, but in general wherever you go in Europe, if you buy a sweater, a trouser and a t-shirt, 100 Euro can leave your pocket easily… and if you have a total of 600 Euro to spend a month, then that is not a lot.

Your cellphone bill does not need to be very high, at least not if you use WiFi, WhatsApp and similar tools to save money. If you want a gym ticket for a month, then that will also require quite a lot of money, so you should be prepared at paying between 70-100 Euro a month for a good membership at a local gym.

To make it short… it is easy to survive on 600 Euro a month in Barcelona if your flat and all costs connected to that is paid for. But, it will require that you shop less clothes, and you should be prepared for some time without the biggest luxury.

Good luck on your decision!

Which is the best five star hotel in Barcelona?

I am going to Barcelona later this year and would like to live centrally in the best five star hotel in Barcelona. Which five star hotel should I choose?

Thank you for the question. There are quite a lot of five star hotels in Barcelona, in fact there are almost 30 of them to choose from. So, to choose the right one of these hotels is very important.

To recommend a hotel is always a subject of personal opinion, so, what we are going to recommend and write about here, might not be your personal favorite, but we believe that still these recommendations will be more than satisfying for most people coming to Barcelona.

Per definition the center of Barcelona is located near La Rambla, so in our eyes a central hotel should be located near this area. So, ready to go… best five star hotel in Barcelona!

Best five star hotel in Barcelona

There are two hotels which we would like to write about, which be believe both are qualified for the title “Best five star hotel in Barcelona.”

Mercer Hotel

This hotel is a five star hotel, located a ten minute stroll from La Rambla. It is not that much, especially considering that you can make the stroll from your hotel to La Rambla in some very nice areas in Barcelona. The hotel has free wireless Internet, which is very useful, and it has very nice areas where you can sit down and relax during a busy trip to Barcelona.  In addition the hotel has a swimming pool at the roof.

The hotel is a few minutes away from the Jaume metro station, and it is located in the Gothic district of Barcelona.

Mercer Hotel Barcelona

El Palace Hotel

This hotel is also known as the GL Palace Hotel. This is a hotel built in a beautiful neo-classicist style, they do have wireless internet available, but they will charge you extra for it.  The hotel has a Micelin starrred restaurant, Caelis, inside its walls and if you want to see some nice Barcelona attractions Casa Battlo and La Pedrera is only five minutes away.

Hotel Palace Barcelona

In general our favorite is the Mercer Hotel, but we would check out the prices of both, and if the El Palace Hotel would be much cheaper, we would go for that instead.

Going to Krakow? Find out which is the best five star hotel in Krakow!

Where can I watch FC Barcelona play in La Liga online?

The best football team in the world is Barcelona and I want to watch FC Barcelona play online. Where can I do so?

FC Barcelona online
The best is of course to visit Barcelona and to watch FC Barcelona play their matches at Nou Camp

Thanks for asking! FC Barcelona truly is the best and coolest football team in the world, at least according to the citizens of Barcelona and some millions elsewhere in the world. If you are a fan of FC Barcelona and want to watch their matches online, then the best is of course to move to our beautiful city and watch the matches played at Nou Camp. Imagine watching Lionel Messi, Xavi, Neymar and the other players and cheer for them together with almost 90,000 other Barcelona fans? Sounds great? Read more about watching Barcelona live and buying tickets here.

However, if you can not come to Barcelona to watch the matches, it is still possible to watch the Spanish heroes play their matches online. There is an Austrian TV channel named Laola1 broadcasting all matches from the Spanish La Liga, and all you need is an Austrian IP address or a German IP address to watch.

It is quite easy, and to find out exactly how to watch FC Barcelona online and and watch all other matches played in La Liga as well, read the following article by Christine Wilson on how to watch La Liga matches online.

How to book a taxi from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona cruise terminal?

I will be traveling on a cruise departing from the cruise terminal in Barcelona this summer. How can I book a taxi taking me from Barcelona Airport to the cruise port easily? And can I book a return transfer from the cruise port to the airport as well?

Thanks a lot for your question! It is easy to book a transfer from Barcelona Airport to the cruise port. If you use the link further down you will be able to not only book a transfer from the airport to the cruise terminal, but you can also book your return transfer there. It is a comfortable and easy way of getting in both directions, especially useful as you come with tons of luggage (as most people do) to such cruises as the one you might be going on!

Link: Transfers in Barcelona

Ps: The transfers are from the El-Prat airport in Barcelona, not Girona!

Enjoy your trip!

Ask your Barcelona question!