Barcelona Cathedral
Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona is a city with amazing opportunities as a tourist and as a citizen. While the capital of Spain, Madrid, is in the middle of the nation, Barcelona is located by the sea which means that from early summer you can bring your bathing suit for a swim in the sea. If you would rather see Barcelona from the sea, then a harbour tour might be the thing for .

There are of course several sightseeing trips available in Barcelona, both on foot and using transportation. For those who would like to visit exciting cities and see attractions in the vicinity of Barcelona, such things can and should be done as well.

For many tourists coming to Barcelona a dream might be to visit Nou Camp to see FC Barcelona play a match. This can of course be done, so if you would like to see Thierre Henry, Lionel Messi and the other stars, visit our FC Barcelona page.

Activities in and around Barcelona

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