How to watch UK TV online in Spain?

British TV online in Spain

British TV online in SpainI was born in the United Kingdom, but have now lived in Spain and in Barcelona for a while. I love the weather, but I really miss watching the UK TV channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc. Is there anyway I can watch these channels online? As I try now I always get an error message telling me that it is not possible because I am in Spain.

This is a problem thousands of people in Spain suffer from, so you are not alone. The good thing is then that when lots of people have a request and a problem, some people always look for a way to help, and the solution in this case is provided by the UK company named Privax and their service HideMyAss. What you need is a membership to HideMyAss (visit their website to sign up) and with that membership you can at once get yourself an IP address in the United Kingdom. That is the solution to your problem, because once you get that you can start watching online streams from ITV, Channel 4, BBC and other UK channels online in Spain within a few minutes.

This was a short answer to your question, but you can also read a much longer and more thorough answer (with the same solution) in the following article written in the IP Address Guide.

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