Where can I watch FC Barcelona play in La Liga online?

FC Barcelona online

The best football team in the world is Barcelona and I want to watch FC Barcelona play online. Where can I do so?

FC Barcelona online
The best is of course to visit Barcelona and to watch FC Barcelona play their matches at Nou Camp

Thanks for asking! FC Barcelona truly is the best and coolest football team in the world, at least according to the citizens of Barcelona and some millions elsewhere in the world. If you are a fan of FC Barcelona and want to watch their matches online, then the best is of course to move to our beautiful city and watch the matches played at Nou Camp. Imagine watching Lionel Messi, Xavi, Neymar and the other players and cheer for them together with almost 90,000 other Barcelona fans? Sounds great? Read more about watching Barcelona live and buying tickets here.

However, if you can not come to Barcelona to watch the matches, it is still possible to watch the Spanish heroes play their matches online. There is an Austrian TV channel named Laola1 broadcasting all matches from the Spanish La Liga, and all you need is an Austrian IP address or a German IP address to watch.

It is quite easy, and to find out exactly how to watch FC Barcelona online and and watch all other matches played in La Liga as well, read the following article by Christine Wilson on how to watch La Liga matches online.

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