Christmas markets in Barcelona in 2019

When will the Christmas markets be arranged in Barcelona in 2019? Here you will find the Christmas market dates and everything else you want to know.

Before you continue, check our page dealing with general information about the Christmas markets in Barcelona.

Christmas markets dates for Barcelona in 2019

The most famous Christmas market in Barcelona can be found in front of the Barcelona Cathedral in the Gothic part of the city. This is a beautiful area. The Christmas market here will open on November 29th in 2019 and it will remain open until December 23rd.

Christmas market in Barcelona in 2019

The Christmas market by Gran Via, will most likely open around December 20th and remain open until January 6th. The dates haven’t been 100% fixed yet, but those were the dates in 2018, so we guess they will look quite similar also in 2019.

There will also be a Christmas market in front of Sagrada Familia, but the dates for this market haven’t been set yet.

If you want to discover and see even more Christmas market in 2019, why not extend your trip and go to Prague as well? You can read more about Prague and the beautiful Christmas markets in the city at

Merry Christmas and enjoy your stay in Barcelona!

Support the environment as you book a hotel in Barcelona!

Barcelona is a fantastic city with lots of awesome hotels. But, if you haven’t booked your hotel in Barcelona yet, stop for a few minutes and read these sentences before you move on.

It is nice to travel the world and to see new cities. But, all the pollution coming with traveling shouldn’t be forgotten about. And, to make things worse – we keep on chopping those all those trees in order for new cities to be built and to make sure our “luxury” lifestyles can be kept up. So, why don’t you at least help the environment a little bit as you book your hotel in Barcelona?

How can I help the environment as I book my Barcelona hotel?

It is much easier to help the environment than you would think… in fact, you can actually save quite a lot of money as you do it. What is this all about? Instead of just visiting your favorite booking site (like you normally would), install the Ecosia addon in your browser. This is the search engine that will help you plant trees whenever you search the Internet. That in itself is a fantastic idea and one we should support. If you are eager to earn money while planting those trees as well, check this article.

But, when you have Ecosia up and running, do a simple search for Barcelona hotels. At once, all those hotel booking sites will start showing up, but before those search results are shown, you will see something looking like this.

Ecosia will help you travel and help the environment.
Ecosia will help you travel and help the environment.

If you press the “Search hotels” button, you will be taken to Ecosia’s very own search motor that will let you search among the best booking sites online. You can compare the prices of your favorite hotels and book the hotel at the cheapest option available. That is fantastic in itself. But, did you know that the booking sites give a very nice commission to its referrers? So, when you book a room using Ecosia costing 200 USD, you might end up actually giving a nice amount of money to protect the environment as well.

Book your hotel using Ecosia
Book your hotel using Ecosia

You would book a hotel room anyway…

You would pay for your hotel room anyway, but in this way, you will actually support the environment at the same time! That is simply brilliant and something we recommend everyone to do.

Not only will you pay less, but you will also feel even better as you fall asleep in the bed in your hotel room in Barcelona, knowing that you have financed the planting of several trees simply by booking the room using Ecosia!

For more information about different Barcelona hotels, check this article. You can also find lots of other information about attractions and cool activities in Barcelona here in our Barcelona Guide.

How to travel from Barcelona to Valencia?

Are you looking for a way to travel from Barcelona to Valencia? Are you on a trip to Barcelona, but looking for a way to do a day-trip to Valencia? Which is the best way of traveling between the cities?

It is extremely funny to look at the map portraying the ride between Barcelona and Valencia. If you just look at the map, it looks so close, and it might just be considered a nice walk. But, the truth is that the distance between Barcelona and Valencia is more than 350 km.

The ride from Barcelona to Valencia looks short, but it is more than 350 km.
The ride from Barcelona to Valencia looks short, but it is more than 350 km.

If you look at the little image above, you probably understand what I mean by saying that it looks so easy to travel from Barcelona to Valencia.

And easy it is, but it will require some time. But, how should you travel from Barcelona to Valencia? Which is the preferred method of traveling if you want to go from one city to the other?

In 2019, the Spanish football team will play their Euro 2020 qualification matches at the Marbella Stadium in Valencia. If you want to watch these, you can easily follow these instructions to discover how you can travel from Barcelona to Valencia in order to watch these matches at the stadium of the football team Valencia. Notice that there is a 3 km distance from the train station in Valencia to the stadium, but that is easy to cover on foot, or by using the well working public transportation in Valencia. If you want to find out more about the Euro 2020 qualification matches and when they will be played in Valencia, check the following Euro 2020 qualification streaming guide.

Travel from Barcelona to Valencia with train

The easiest way of traveling from Barcelona to Valencia if you do not have a car, is by train. The trains leave from Barcelona Sants (the main station in Barcelona several times a day), and the travel time is around 3 hours. That might feel like a lot, but that is what you have to be prepared for if you want to travel with train from Barcelona to Valencia.

A train ticket will cost you around 25 Euro, but if you book a ticket just before departure, it might get more expensive. Try to order the ticket as soon as possible to get your ticket as cheap as possible.

You can find train schedules and book tickets at

Travel from Barcelona to Valencia with plane

This might seem like a faster option, but if you take into consideration all the extras that come with a flight booking, you might not really save time, nor money. The flight time from Barcelona to Valencia is around 50 minutes, but if you take into consideration the ride to the airport in Barcelona, arrival minimum 1 hour before departure (rather 2 hours), and then waiting for the luggage in Valencia and then the actual travel from the airport in Valencia to the city center, you will most likely spend more time and money using this option than going by train.

If you still want to travel by plane, visit the airline Vueling for more information.

Travel from Barcelona to Valencia by car

The most comfortable might be to travel to Valencia with your own car, or by renting a car. If you travel 3-4 persons, it might also get cheaper, and it is easier as you can go exactly where you want to, without having to use public transportation, wait for trains to depart, or be dependent on other ways of transportation.

It is easy to do the ride and you should plan to use around 3,5 hours to cover the distance of 350 km between Barcelona and Valencia.

What to discover during a trip to Valencia?

Maybe you are visiting Valencia to watch a football match in which Valencia will play, or maybe to see the Spanish national team play one of their Euro 2020 qualifying matches. Or maybe you want to visit Valencia to discover the city and see the fantastic sights and attractions that the city has to offer? But, which are the most important sights in Valencia?

Here are some of the sites and places you definitely should visit during a trip to Valencia.

  • L’Oceanogràfic (a giant aquarium)
  • Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (an art and science part, looks really cool)
  • La Lonja de la Seda (a beautiful Gothic building in the center of Valencia from the 15th century)
  • The main market in Valencia (a fantastic market that has been renovated and now has more than 1000 stalls running)
  • Torres de Serranos (beautiful towers from the late half of the 14th century)
  • Valencia Bioparc (a beautiful park that kids will love. Here you can see wild animals in a beautiful area)
  • The Cathedral (a magnificent cathedral in Valencia that some people claim give house to the holy grail).

These are just some out of many beautiful attractions waiting for you as you decide to give Valencia a visit!

Valencia is a modern city with some amazing attractions!
Valencia is a modern city with some amazing attractions! Source: Pixabay

Which is the best option for traveling between Barcelona and Valencia?

The decision is entirely yours, but I would personally prefer the train ride as it is quiet, comfortable, you can read a book and enjoy your time to the full, without running after luggage, watching out for traffic (if you drive a car), and all those extras that come with flying or driving a car.

Have you traveled between Barcelona and Valencia yourself? Which kind of transport did you use? Were you satisfied? Would you recommend it to others? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the matter!

Beautiful Barcelona pictures from Pixabay

Would you like to get a glimpse of Barcelona without actually visiting the city itself? Here you can find a selection of some beautiful Barcelona pictures offered to us all for free at Pixabay.

But, the fact that they can be used for free, doesn’t mean that we are ungrateful. Click the links beneath to see even more pictures from the photographers you like, and make sure to share this article with other people who you believe would love to get a glimpse of Barcelona as well.

Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia: Patrice Audet – Pixabay

Gaudi style in Barcelona
Gaudi style: Benedicl – Pixabay

Barcelona panorama
Barcelona panorama: Walkerssk – Pixabay

Nou Camp
Nou Camp: RiccardoRich – Pixabay

Barcelona port
Barcelona Port: Aranoa – Pixabay

Barcelona cathedral
Barcelona Cathedral: Rytter – Pixabay

Arc Triumph
Arch in Barcelona: MHachem – Pixabay

Parc Guell in Barcelona
Parc Guell: Travelkr – Pixabay

Colorful Barcelona
Colorful Barcelona: Kirkandmimi – Pixabay

I hope you have enjoed these pictures from Barcelona. Please share it with your friends and other fans of Spain and Barcelona. Should you have some praise to give to any of the photographers, visit the links above and write a comment to the actual picture, or you can write a comment here as well.

For more information about Barcelona and what the city has to offer, look around in our Barcelona Guide.

What did Picasso see as he visited Paris?

Pablo Picasso visited Paris for his first time in 1900. One year later he returned to the city again. What did he see during his stay? How did it influence his art?

The Picasso museum in Barcelona is a fantastic gallery for those in love with Picasso and his works. But, if you decide to visit the museum sometime between September 21st and January 6th, you can enjoy a temporary exhibition consisting of works made by lots of other painters. Why?

The Blue Room, painted by Picasso in 1901
The Blue Room, painted by Picasso in 1901 – Source

To answer the question what Picasso saw in Paris in 1900 and 1901, you need to look at the works of the painters who had their art exhibited in Paris at that time. Some of the artists you will meet as you come to check out this exhibition are  Bartholomé, Carrière, Delacroix, Manet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Capiello, Degas, Cézanne, Steinlen and Gauguin.

The exhibition is a cooperation with Musee d’ Orsay in Paris from whom they get most of the exhibited paintings. To return the kindness, the Picasso museum in Barcelona will let Musee d’ Orsay in Paris borrow some of the pictures from the permanent exhibition in Barcelona for the same period of time.

Doesn’t this sound like an interesting temporary exhibition to check out in Barcelona? You can read more about it at the official site.

The entry to the temporary exhibition alone is 6,50 Euro. To visit the permanent exhibition and the temporary exhibition together the price is 14 Euro.

Watching the World Cup 2018 in Barcelona

Spain is a nation of football fanatics, so you do not have to worry about not finding a place to watch the World Cup 2018 in Barcelona. Where can you watch the event in Barcelona? Everywhere!

World Cup in BarcelonaThere will be large screens in bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes in Barcelona during the World Cup. But, if you want to watch the matches in a sports bar, the most famous in all of Barcelona is Sports Bar Rambles, a sports bar with 16 big screens available. This is located in the heart of Barcelona, so it is easy to find.

There are several other bars in Barcelona suitable for watching the World Cup as well. Here are some great bars worth considering.

  • Flaherty’s Irish Bar
  • The George Payne
  • The Quiet Man
  • The Irish Sailing Club Pub
  • Belushi’s
  • Devil’s Kitchen
  • Sonora
  • Paris Taxi

The Fifa World Cup will be broadcasted by Telecinco and Cuatro in Spain. These are free TV channels, meaning that you can just turn on the TV in your hotel room to watch the matches as well. You can also watch them online at their websites. If you do miss some English commentators, you can read more about how to stream the FIFA World Cup online on BBC/ITV in the UK in this article. You can also find a full FIFA World Cup schedule here.

Spain will play their first match of the tournament already on June 15th (second day), and they will play against Portugal on this day. This is one of the most interesting group-stage matches during the tournament, so make sure to arrive in time if you want a good chair in a sports-pub in Barcelona if you want to watch this match.

It will also be interesting to follow the event for the people of Barcelona, as lots of FC Barcelona players will play during the tournament. Lionel Messi will play for Argentina, while Luis Suarez will play for Uruguay. There will be other players active as well, but these are the two biggest stars playing for other countries during the tournament.

Picasso in the kitchen [Exhibition]

What did Picasso think of the kitchen? In what way did food, restaurants and the kitchen inspire Picasso? Come to Barcelona and discover this temporary exhibition in the Picasso museum between May and September in 2018.

In this exhibition, you can discover more than 200 works of Picasso, and they will all give you some insight into how food inspired Picasso. Not only will the exhibition show food pictures, but it will also give you insight as to how he ate, what he ate, where he ate, and in what way food influenced his senses and the kitchen gave space for dreams and pleasures.

The exhibition will open on May 25th and it will remain available until September 30th.

picasso kitchen

If you want more information about other events in Barcelona, or maybe just find information about the most famous attractions in town, look around here in our Barcelona Guide.

Metallica concert in Barcelona 2018

Metallica concertOn the seventh day of February in 2018 the legendary rock-band Metallica will come to Barcelona to perform in Palau Sant Jordi. The band has played in Barcelona several times, and it is always a rush to be there at one of their concerts.

Some people feel sad that Metallica only will have one concert in Barcelona, especially knowing that the band will perform twice in the Spanish capital, Madrid. But, one concert is way better than no concert, so we are still happy knowing that Metallica will come to play in Barcelona on February 7th in 2018.

The concert venue is the always-so-fantastic Palau Sant Jordi. The venue is located quite central in Barcelona, making it a venue easy to reach, and easy to find.

If you would like to be there at the Metallica concert in Barcelona in 2018, then you can buy tickets using the ticket link you will find further down in this article. If you would rather listen to Metallica in another city in Europe in 2018, our suggestion would be to enjoy a Metallica concert in for example Prague or Krakow.  If you lack patience, then you should travel to Lisbon instead, the first city in which Metallica will perform in 2018. The concert will be held at the MEO Arena in Lisbon on February 1st. If you need help with your airport transfer in Lisbon, just press the link.

Metallica Barcelona 2018

Palau Sant Jordi
February 7th, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

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Shakira concert in Barcelona

Shakira concert BarcelonaShakira must enjoy spending her Sundays in Spain. On November 19th she will perform in Madrid, and one week later, Shakira will perform in Barcelona. Maybe she wants to combine her concerts with some La Liga football?

We are not sure about whether Shakira is a fan of Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo (or neither of them), but it is a fact that Shakira will visit both cities on Sundays. It is a fact that neither of the teams will play in Madrid on November 19th, but on November 18th, Atletico Madrid will play against Real Madrid. Maybe she will get a chance to jump by the stadium to watch the match? Neither of the teams will play in Barcelona on November 26th, and FC Barcelona will not play there on November 25th either, so probably this was a terrible theory with no connection to reality.

But, it is a fact that Shakira will come to Barcelona, and on November 26th you can listen to her live in Palau Sant Jordi. The concert will start at 20.15.

If you cannot be there in Barcelona on November 26th, then why not listen to Shakira as she visits Lisbon a few days earlier? That could be a great opportunity, and if you need an airport transfer in Lisbon, press the link and get a good one.

If you want to buy tickets for the Shakira concert in Lisbon, in Barcelona, in Madrid or somewhere else, click the link beneath.

Shakira concert in Barcelona

November 26th, 20.15
Palau Sant Jordi

Tickets: Viagogo

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Christmas markets in Barcelona 2017

Barcelona is not a Christmas city with Christmas markets like Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Krakow, Budapest and similar cities. But, there are still some Christmas markets worth visiting.

The most famous Christmas market in Barcelona is located in front of the Barcelona Cathedral. The market is titled Fira di Santa Llucia, and this is the biggest market as well. It isn’t a giant market, but you will be able to find local products here that might be nice to bring with you home as souvenirs.

Dates for this Christmas market: might be, but not sure….. November 24th – January 6th

Christmas market Barcelona 2017
There is also a small Christmas market available in front of the Sagrada Familia

The fact about Barcelona is that the bigger events take place between Christmas and January 6th. In this period you better visit Gran Via, as this is the place for a market quite similar to the German/Austrian/Eastern European markets, except for the food and the drinks.

Do you like the sound of this? Or would you rather visit Barcelona in the spring or autumn, and visit Prague for Christmas and some Christmas shopping instead? It is entirely your choice!