Cost of living in Barcelona

I’m thinking about studying in Barcelona. The only thing I’m worried about is the prices and if I have enough money. Everything with the places I’m staying is paid for. But I get 600 euros a month to buy food and other stuff with like paying the cellphone bill, gym and also other things. I like to shop a lot also. I wondered how is the prices in Barcelona on the stores? And is 600 euros enough. I live in Norway which is very expensive, but I think Barcelona has the same prices.

Cost of living in BarcelonaThank you for the question! We can of course not guarantee you that this is a good answer for you, but we will do our best. If you have 600 Euro a month to live for, and all your common costs and flat costs are arranged already, it is of course possible to survive on 600 Euro a month in Barcelona. If you come from Norway the prices for groceries are cheaper and you can easily eat quite nice food at home and still have lots of money left. If you like to shop a lot, then 600 Euro is not enough anywhere in the world, maybe especially not in Barcelona. You can of course find cheaper shops, but in general wherever you go in Europe, if you buy a sweater, a trouser and a t-shirt, 100 Euro can leave your pocket easily… and if you have a total of 600 Euro to spend a month, then that is not a lot.

Your cellphone bill does not need to be very high, at least not if you use WiFi, WhatsApp and similar tools to save money. If you want a gym ticket for a month, then that will also require quite a lot of money, so you should be prepared at paying between 70-100 Euro a month for a good membership at a local gym.

To make it short… it is easy to survive on 600 Euro a month in Barcelona if your flat and all costs connected to that is paid for. But, it will require that you shop less clothes, and you should be prepared for some time without the biggest luxury.

Good luck on your decision!

Spanish IP address and web TV from outside Spain

We will not write an article about how to get a Spanish IP address and how to watch Spanish web-tv only available to people inside Spain ourselves, but our friends in the Madrid Guide have just written articles about both the subjects, and we can warmly recommend them to all our readers interested in how to get a Spanish IP address or maybe watching some tv broadcasts online only available to those with a Spanish IP address, or in other words only available to those inside Spain.

You might be on a holiday somewhere around the world, or maybe you are a Spanish guy or girl who have moved to some other country in the world, but once there, you find yourself desperate for some spanish TV show you have fallen in love with, or maybe you want to see a soccer match live which can only be seen if you have a Spanish IP address or maybe there is some other reason, but if you have this request and need a Spanish IP address for some reason, check out the following articles written by Madrid Guide.

How to watch Spanish web-tv from abroad?
How to get a Spanish IP address?

The solution described in the articles will not only give you a Spanish IP address, but it will also give you the chance to get IP addresses in lots of other countries around the world such as Norway, Hungary, Italy, England, USA and many, many more. It will also encrypt your connection, making your surfing safe and protected to people who would like to get hold of your private information.

If you want to find out what you current IP address is, visit this page: What is my IP address?

How can I get a Spanish IP address?

How can I get a Spanish IP address? I need it to be able to watch online Spanish tv broadcasts only available to viewers in Spain, thus having a Spanish ip address.

Thank you for the question. The solution to your problem is quite easy but it costs some money. There are several services available online able to give you local Spanish ip addresses and one of those is HideMyAss. With this software you can get local ip addresses in more than 39 nations and in that way you can watch programs only available to viewers with local ip addresses in those nations, so also in Spain. This can be very useful during Olympic tournaments, soccer championships and other sports events and happenings. This means that if you later would like to see broadcasts from other nations outside Spain, for example in England, this software can be used for that as well.

If you have other ideas or feedback just write a comment.

Visit the HideMyAss webpage.

Such an IP address can be useful also for other things, and it is created through a VPN connecting you to a server in Spain. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, and as you create an account and connect to such a server it will for example encrypt all data sent, making it impossible for people to steal information from you. This can be especially useful if you for example use public networks, WiFi and so on. So instead of having all your data easy to steal, connect to the open WiFi, use the VPN and suddenly all your data is encrypted and safe. You can find more information about these services and so on the HideMyAss webpage, so look it up for further information on the subject.