How can I watch Netflix in Barcelona?

Netflix Unavailable in Barcelona

I am bringing my family to Barcelona for winter holidays. Every evening we watch something together on the laptop on Netflix, but I have heard that Netflix is unavailable in Spain. What can I do to make Netflix work in Barcelona and in Spain?

That is a brilliant question, and as someone located in Barcelona we of course enjoy Netflix ourselves, so the answer to this question is based on our very own personal experience. It is true as you wrote, that Netflix is in general unavailable in Spain and in Barcelona, meaning that you will only get an error message as you try to visit from Spain. As of know Netflix has not yet arrived to the nation, and that is the general problem.

Netflix Unavailable in Barcelona

The solution – How to watch Netflix in Barcelona!

Therefore, as you want to watch Netflix in Barcelona, what you need to do, is to make the Internet and Netflix believe that you are located elsewhere. If you already have a Netflix subscription in let us say the United Kingdom, then you should get yourself an IP address in the United Kingdom, and once you have such an IP address, you will be able to watch Netflix in the UK in Barcelona. The same is true if you want to watch Netflix in the United States and you have a subscription there, then you will need an American IP address.

If you do not have a Netflix subscription yet, but would like to watch Netflix in Barcelona, then you simply get an IP address in the UK or in the USA, and visit There you can sign up for your free thirty day trial, and start watching Netflix at once.

Since we are a Barcelona Guide (and not a tech guide) we will leave the hard details on how to get an IP address in another country to someone else, so if you want to know more about getting an IP address in the UK or in the USA, read one of the following articles.

There are quite a lot of films available on Netflix, so hopefully this little answer will help you, so that you and your family can have some quality time together watching your favorite series and films on Netflix together, even in Barcelona and in Spain.

Earlier we have answered somehow similar questions, for example on how to get a Spanish IP address. Read the answer by following the link, or if you have another question, then visit our questions and answers page, and hopefully we will be able to help you out as well!


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