Barcelona Guide

Welcome to our Barcelona Guide where you can find interesting information about the city. We will, of course, write about the most famous attractions and what you simply MUST-SEE while in Barcelona. Besides this, we will also write about programs and give you ideas for activities in Barcelona. For those who are hungry, we have reviewed some Barcelona restaurants, and also invite our readers to share their experiences from the different restaurants. If you are looking for a nice hotel, check out our hotel reviews, and if you have questions – take a look at our practical stuff section to find your answer (hopefully).

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in all of Europe every year, so you can expect to center to be packed with people any time of the year. But, from early spring until late autumn it is really packed, and the amazing thing with Barcelona is that during the summer months you can combine your big city vacation with long and beautiful beaches. Tourists should though be aware of the fact that Barcelona is also well known for thieves stealing wallets, passports, and valuables, so be sure to take good care of yourself and your belongings, and if you see something suspicious, walk away!

While in Barcelona you should of course not miss out on the beauties of Antoni Gaudi, the most famous of these the Sagrada Familia. But, the Park Güell, Casa Battlo, and La Pedrera are also special buildings and places in Barcelona, so be sure not to miss out on any of these. If you are especially interested, a guided tour can help you out seeing the most important within a short period of time, and there are also guided tours focusing especially on the works and the heritage of Gaudi.

Look around, read about what sounds interesting, enjoy the pictures and we hope you will enjoy our Barcelona Guide, and later, of course, the beautiful city of Barcelona itself!

We wish you a pleasant stay in Barcelona!