Where to watch Bayern Munchen – Barcelona online?

Barcelona vs Bayern Munchen

Barcelona vs Bayern MunchenOn May 12th it is time for Bayern Munchen to receive Barcelona for the return match in the semifinal of the Champions League. In the first match Barcelona managed to score three goals during the last ten minutes, meaning that there has got to be loads of goals and action in Munchen for Bayern to have a chance. So, this will be a really action filled match probably! But, if you can not be there in Munich for the match, what can you do to watch it online?

To watch Bayern Munchen play against Barcelona online you will need to get yourself an IP address in the United Kingdom, because that is what will make it possible for you to watch the match live online on ITV, the amazing TV channel with great commentators on the British Island. And to get yourself an IP address in the United Kingdom we recommend that you visit the website of HideMyAss, a VPN provider with their offices in the United Kingdom. They do have servers in more than 100 nations worldwide, but since they are located in England they do have great servers available in England, so you just need to download their program and connect to a server in the UK, and then you are ready to watch ITV live online and to watch Bayern Munchen vs Barcelona online on May 12th.

It might be that you will have to enter some postal codes for ITV to work. Read more about these postal codes and examples of such in this article.

Be aware of the fact that if you do this and sign up for HideMyAss you can use the same subscription on May 13th to watch Real Madrid vs Juventus online. The only difference is that you will then connect to a server in Germany and then you can watch the match on the German TV channel ZDF online.

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