Poble Espanyol

The Poble Espanyol is an architectural museum in Barcelona. Still we categorize it just as much as an attraction, and that is why we have included it among the attractions in Barcelona, and not as one of the museums.

It is located at one of the most beautiful spots in Barcelona. It is one of the most popular attractions in the city and it is the fourth most visited places after the Sagrada Familia, The Aquarium and the Museum FC Barcelona.

Poble Espanyol

The Poble Espanyol is a village with streets, squares, houses, parks and it gives home to different kind of restaurants and museums. The Poble Espanyol was built in 1929 for the Barcelona International Exhibition and the museum has 117 buildings all together which represents the 15 autonomous Spanish communities such as Andalucia, Aragòn, Cataluña, Galicia, Madrid and so on. Nowadays the Poble Espanyol is a real cultural centre of the city and it gives home to multiple programs and activities such as festivals, shows, children’s activities, gastronomical events, exhibitions and private events like weddings. In the village there are 30 crafts mans who makes every kind of ceramics, jewelries, masks, blow glass and so on. They can be seen working regularly in the museum.

The Poble Espanyol is one of the most visited places in Barcelona and it is one of the most popular and unique shopping centre in the city. One of the attractions of the Poble Espanyol is the Museum Fran Daurel which shows contemporary Spanish art works from Picasso, Dali, Milo and so on. At the Poble Espanyol there is also a theatre which organizes programs for children. The Poble Espanyol is open every Monday from 9 in the morning until 8 in the evening. From Tuesday to Thursday and on Sundays it is open from 9 to midnight and on Friday from 9 in the morning until next day 3 in the morning. On Saturday it is open from 9 in the morning until next day 4 in the morning.

Events and exhibitions in Poble Espanyol

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