How can I get a Spanish IP address?

How can I get a Spanish IP address? I need it to be able to watch online Spanish tv broadcasts only available to viewers in Spain, thus having a Spanish ip address.

Thank you for the question. The solution to your problem is quite easy but it costs some money. There are several services available online able to give you local Spanish ip addresses and one of those is HideMyAss. With this software you can get local ip addresses in more than 39 nations and in that way you can watch programs only available to viewers with local ip addresses in those nations, so also in Spain. This can be very useful during Olympic tournaments, soccer championships and other sports events and happenings. This means that if you later would like to see broadcasts from other nations outside Spain, for example in England, this software can be used for that as well.

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Visit the HideMyAss webpage.

Such an IP address can be useful also for other things, and it is created through a VPN connecting you to a server in Spain. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, and as you create an account and connect to such a server it will for example encrypt all data sent, making it impossible for people to steal information from you. This can be especially useful if you for example use public networks, WiFi and so on. So instead of having all your data easy to steal, connect to the open WiFi, use the VPN and suddenly all your data is encrypted and safe. You can find more information about these services and so on the HideMyAss webpage, so look it up for further information on the subject.

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