Metallica concert in Barcelona 2018

Metallica concertOn the seventh day of February in 2018 the legendary rock-band Metallica will come to Barcelona to perform in Palau Sant Jordi. The band has played in Barcelona several times, and it is always a rush to be there at one of their concerts.

Some people feel sad that Metallica only will have one concert in Barcelona, especially knowing that the band will perform twice in the Spanish capital, Madrid. But, one concert is way better than no concert, so we are still happy knowing that Metallica will come to play in Barcelona on February 7th in 2018.

The concert venue is the always-so-fantastic Palau Sant Jordi. The venue is located quite central in Barcelona, making it a venue easy to reach, and easy to find.

If you would like to be there at the Metallica concert in Barcelona in 2018, then you can buy tickets using the ticket link you will find further down in this article. If you would rather listen to Metallica in another city in Europe in 2018, our suggestion would be to enjoy a Metallica concert in for example Prague or Krakow.  If you lack patience, then you should travel to Lisbon instead, the first city in which Metallica will perform in 2018. The concert will be held at the MEO Arena in Lisbon on February 1st. If you need help with your airport transfer in Lisbon, just press the link.

Metallica Barcelona 2018

Palau Sant Jordi
February 7th, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

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Shakira concert in Barcelona

Shakira concert BarcelonaShakira must enjoy spending her Sundays in Spain. On November 19th she will perform in Madrid, and one week later, Shakira will perform in Barcelona. Maybe she wants to combine her concerts with some La Liga football?

We are not sure about whether Shakira is a fan of Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo (or neither of them), but it is a fact that Shakira will visit both cities on Sundays. It is a fact that neither of the teams will play in Madrid on November 19th, but on November 18th, Atletico Madrid will play against Real Madrid. Maybe she will get a chance to jump by the stadium to watch the match? Neither of the teams will play in Barcelona on November 26th, and FC Barcelona will not play there on November 25th either, so probably this was a terrible theory with no connection to reality.

But, it is a fact that Shakira will come to Barcelona, and on November 26th you can listen to her live in Palau Sant Jordi. The concert will start at 20.15.

If you cannot be there in Barcelona on November 26th, then why not listen to Shakira as she visits Lisbon a few days earlier? That could be a great opportunity, and if you need an airport transfer in Lisbon, press the link and get a good one.

If you want to buy tickets for the Shakira concert in Lisbon, in Barcelona, in Madrid or somewhere else, click the link beneath.

Shakira concert in Barcelona

November 26th, 20.15
Palau Sant Jordi

Tickets: Viagogo

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Lady Gagy concerts in Barcelona

After a long tour visiting several continents, Lady Gagy will arrive to Europe and to Barcelona where she will perform on September 21st and September 22nd.

Even though one can expect nice temperatures in Barcelona during this time of the year, the Lady Gagy concerts will be arranged in the Palau Sant Jordi venue. That is a venue well known to Lady Gaga, as she has performed them several times earlier, latest in November 2014.

Lady Gaga concert
Lady Gaga concerts coming up in Barcelona this autumn

If you want to be there at one of the Lady Gaga concerts in Barcelona, then you can use the ticket link further down on this page.

Lady Gaga Barcelona 2017

Palau Sant Jordi
September 21, 22

Tickets: Viagogo

At the ticket site above search for Lady Gaga, and at once you will get an overview showing all her concerts, and the chance to buy tickets for the concert you are interested in.

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Elton John concert in Barcelona

Elton John concert in BarcelonaOn the third of December Elton John will perform in Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. Are you ready for a fantastic Elton John concert before Christmas?

Before coming to Barcelona, Elton John will perform in Paris on December 1st. Once he has finished in Barcelona, the tour moves on to Monaco where his next concert will be on December 6th. After that the tour moves on to Dubai (on December 8th), and then he will perform in Moscow in Russia on December 14th.

As you probably understand, Elton John will perform in lots of different cities in this year. If you would like to be there at his concert in Barcelona on December 3rd, then you can buy tickets for the event from Viagogo.

Elton John concert in Barcelona

December 3rd, 20.00
Palau Sant Jordi

Tickets: Viagogo

This is only one out of many fantastic concert that will be arranged in Barcelona this year. For more information about all these events and concerts, visit our site about concerts in Barcelona.

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As this article is being written in April 2017 Elton John is touring around in the United States. Once he is finished there he will travel to the UK where he will perform in quite a lot of middle sized cities, and after that he will visit small cities all around Europe. You can buy tickets for all these concerts at the ticket site referred to above.

Bruno Mars concert in Barcelona

Three days after the Bruno Mars concert in Lisbon on April 4th, the same artist will perform in the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a city of sun and happiness, so why not combine sunshine and happiness with a Bruno Mars concert in the magnificent concert venue Palau Sant Jordi on April 7th? The artist will travel the world on his 24K Magic World Tour, and one of the first stops in Europe will be his concert in Barcelona. It might be that Bruno Mars want have much time to visit the Sagrada Familia and the other attractions in Barcelona, but if you come to town, you should for sure visit these attractions and sights anyway. Read around in our Barcelona Guide for more information on what’s worth visiting and watching while in town.

Bruno Mars concert in Barcelona

Bruno Mars concert in Barcelona

April 7th, 19.00
Palau Sant Jordi

Tickets: Viagogo

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Bruce Springsteen Barcelona 2016

On May 14th the king will enter Camp Nou in Barcelona. It is not Lionel Messi, but Bruce Springsteen. Information about the Bruce Springsteen Barcelona 2016 event.

Bruce Springsteen Barcelona 2016
Do not miss out on the Bruce Springsteen concert in Barcelona 2016

Bruce Springsteen will perform on the fantastic Camp Nou on May 14th in 2016, and many people consider this to be the event of the year in Barcelona. Bruce Springsteen is a legend and his music is loved by millions. The Bruce Springsteen concert in Barcelona will start at 20.00 and maybe even you will be there among the audience. It is possible to get tickets for the Bruce Springsteen Barcelona 2016 concert still, and if you want to buy one, then use the ticket link in the bottom of this article.

While in Barcelona we recommend that you visit the famous attractions of Barcelona as well, for example the Parc Guell, the Sagrada Familia and the big cathedral.

Bruce Springsteen will not only do a concert in Barcelona, but he will also perform in Madrid and in San Sebastian, so you have several chances to enjoy Bruce Springsteen in Spain in 2016. Some of the cities that are sorry about Bruce Springsteen not coming in 2016 are Prague and Krakow, but maybe next time?

If you want to get hold of some Bruce Springsteen accessories before the Bruce Springsteen concert in Barcelona, then you can buy CDs and much more at

Bruce Springsteen Barcelona 2016

Camp Nou
May 14th, 20.00

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

Have a great time at the concert!


Justin Bieber Barcelona 2016

Justin Bieber will come to Barcelona in 2016 and both his fans and everyone who work with tourists in Barcelona are happy about that. The concert will be arranged on November 22nd and there are tickets available if you want to be there.

Justin Bieber Barcelona 2016Justin Bieber is probably the hottest of all artists in the world at the moment, at least almost. He is cute and girls love him, and even though he sometimes disappoint his fans like he did in Norway in 2015, he is still popular and it will be packed in Barcelona as he comes to town to perform in November.

If you want to be among the people present as Justin Bieber comes to Barcelona in 2016 then you can buy tickets for this Justin Bieber concert from WorldTicketShop. There you can also buy tickets for the Justin Bieber concert in Madrid where he will perform the day after his concert in Barcelona, and if you want to listen to him even more than he will perform in Lisbon three days after his concert in Barcelona, so fans have several opportunities to listen to Justin Bieber live in 2016.

When you come to Barcelona do not miss out on the beautiful attractions in the city, and if you have some time we recommend that you look around here in our Barcelona Guide to see the beautiful pictures and find out what you should not miss out on while in town. It might be that Justin Bieber will not have time to visit the Sagrada Familia, but even if he misses out on it, it doesn’t mean that you should do so as well!

The Justin Bieber concert in Barcelona will be arranged in Palau Sant Jordi.

Barcelona – Atletico Madrid

On January 30th it is time for one of the hottest matches throughout the entire Liga BBVA season and that is the match on Camp Nou between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. At the moment it is even hotter than the matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid, after all both Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are at the top of the La Liga table with 48 points, four points ahead of Real Madrid.

If you want to be there at Camp Nou to actually watch the match then you can read more about FC Barcelona and how to get tickets here. If you do not have money enough to buy yourself a ticket for the match or maybe you are far away from Barcelona, then you can still watch it online and here you can find two different pages describing how you can watch the match online: version 1version 2.

Do not be surprised if you will see thousands of football fans walking the streets of Barcelona on Saturday, and especially some hours before 16.00 and after 18.00, because that is when the fans make their way to Nou Camp and leave the stadium after the match.

If you have never been to Nou Camp and never seen Barcelona play a match live then that is something you should for sure check out and try, because it is an experience you will remember for a long time, almost better than Christmas eve!

Have fun watching, and if you have some spare time, make sure to visit the famous attractions and cool museums in Barcelona!

Supertramp concert Barcelona 2015

SupertrampGood news for all the Supertramp fans because the band will be back with an European tour from the summer of 2015.

Supertramp is an English rock band which was formed in 1969 and it was originally called Daddy before they changed it to Supertramp in the beginning of 1970. The band’s line up consists Rick Davies, Bob Siebenberg, John Helliwell, Carl Verheyen, Cliff Hugo, Lee Thornburg, Jesse Siebenberg, Gabe Dixon and Cassie Miller. The most notable songs of the band are Bloody Well Right, Give a Little Bit, The Logical Song, Goodbye Stranger, Take the Long Way Home, Breakfast in America and so on.

So from August 2015 Supertramp will be back with a tour in Europe in the which the band will give some concerts throughout Europe including Barcelona as well. The Supertramp concert in Barcelona will be held on Saturday on the 7th November 2015 at the Palau Sant Jordi and the previous night the band will be on stage in Madrid on Friday on the 6th November 2015. Tickets are already available for the concerts.

Palau Sant Jordi
Passeig Olímpic, 5-7, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

For more information on the tickets and prices please check the following site: WorldTicketShop

Madonna concert Barcelona 2015

Madonna BarcelonaMadonna is back with a new world tour in 2015 in which she will visit Barcelona as well.

Madonna or often referred to as the Queen of Pop is an American singer and songwriter who is considered as one of the greatest and most influential musicians in the history of music. She is best known for pushing the boundaries and for her unique style. Madonna’s most notable songs are Like a Virgin, Into the Groove, Papa don’t Preach, Like a Prayer, Vogue, Frozen, Music, Hung Up and 4 Minutes.

In 2014 Madonna released her latest album Rebel Heart and on this occasion she will be on a world tour from the end of summer in 2015. Madonna will give her opening concert on the 29th August 2015 in Miami, Florida and she will continue the tour all across Europe. With the Rebel Heart Tour, which is the tenth world tour of the Queen of Pop, will give all together 46 concerts world wide, 26 in North America and 20 in Europe.

The Madonna concert in Barcelona will be on the 24th November 2015 and it will take place at the Palau Sant Jordi.
Tickets for the concert are already available.

Palau Sant Jordi
Passeig Olímpic, 5-7, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

Tickets: WorldTicketShop