Barcelona – Atletico Madrid

On January 30th it is time for one of the hottest matches throughout the entire Liga BBVA season and that is the match on Camp Nou between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. At the moment it is even hotter than the matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid, after all both Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are at the top of the La Liga table with 48 points, four points ahead of Real Madrid.

If you want to be there at Camp Nou to actually watch the match then you can read more about FC Barcelona and how to get tickets here. If you do not have money enough to buy yourself a ticket for the match or maybe you are far away from Barcelona, then you can still watch it online and here you can find two different pages describing how you can watch the match online: version 1version 2.

Do not be surprised if you will see thousands of football fans walking the streets of Barcelona on Saturday, and especially some hours before 16.00 and after 18.00, because that is when the fans make their way to Nou Camp and leave the stadium after the match.

If you have never been to Nou Camp and never seen Barcelona play a match live then that is something you should for sure check out and try, because it is an experience you will remember for a long time, almost better than Christmas eve!

Have fun watching, and if you have some spare time, make sure to visit the famous attractions and cool museums in Barcelona!

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