Support the environment as you book a hotel in Barcelona!

Barcelona is a fantastic city with lots of awesome hotels. But, if you haven’t booked your hotel in Barcelona yet, stop for a few minutes and read these sentences before you move on.

It is nice to travel the world and to see new cities. But, all the pollution coming with traveling shouldn’t be forgotten about. And, to make things worse – we keep on chopping those all those trees in order for new cities to be built and to make sure our “luxury” lifestyles can be kept up. So, why don’t you at least help the environment a little bit as you book your hotel in Barcelona?

How can I help the environment as I book my Barcelona hotel?

It is much easier to help the environment than you would think… in fact, you can actually save quite a lot of money as you do it. What is this all about? Instead of just visiting your favorite booking site (like you normally would), install the Ecosia addon in your browser. This is the search engine that will help you plant trees whenever you search the Internet. That in itself is a fantastic idea and one we should support. If you are eager to earn money while planting those trees as well, check this article.

But, when you have Ecosia up and running, do a simple search for Barcelona hotels. At once, all those hotel booking sites will start showing up, but before those search results are shown, you will see something looking like this.

Ecosia will help you travel and help the environment.
Ecosia will help you travel and help the environment.

If you press the “Search hotels” button, you will be taken to Ecosia’s very own search motor that will let you search among the best booking sites online. You can compare the prices of your favorite hotels and book the hotel at the cheapest option available. That is fantastic in itself. But, did you know that the booking sites give a very nice commission to its referrers? So, when you book a room using Ecosia costing 200 USD, you might end up actually giving a nice amount of money to protect the environment as well.

Book your hotel using Ecosia
Book your hotel using Ecosia

You would book a hotel room anyway…

You would pay for your hotel room anyway, but in this way, you will actually support the environment at the same time! That is simply brilliant and something we recommend everyone to do.

Not only will you pay less, but you will also feel even better as you fall asleep in the bed in your hotel room in Barcelona, knowing that you have financed the planting of several trees simply by booking the room using Ecosia!

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