Support the environment as you book a hotel in Barcelona!

Barcelona is a fantastic city with lots of awesome hotels. But, if you haven’t booked your hotel in Barcelona yet, stop for a few minutes and read these sentences before you move on.

It is nice to travel the world and to see new cities. But, all the pollution coming with traveling shouldn’t be forgotten about. And, to make things worse – we keep on chopping those all those trees in order for new cities to be built and to make sure our “luxury” lifestyles can be kept up. So, why don’t you at least help the environment a little bit as you book your hotel in Barcelona?

How can I help the environment as I book my Barcelona hotel?

It is much easier to help the environment than you would think… in fact, you can actually save quite a lot of money as you do it. What is this all about? Instead of just visiting your favorite booking site (like you normally would), install the Ecosia addon in your browser. This is the search engine that will help you plant trees whenever you search the Internet. That in itself is a fantastic idea and one we should support. If you are eager to earn money while planting those trees as well, check this article.

But, when you have Ecosia up and running, do a simple search for Barcelona hotels. At once, all those hotel booking sites will start showing up, but before those search results are shown, you will see something looking like this.

Ecosia will help you travel and help the environment.
Ecosia will help you travel and help the environment.

If you press the “Search hotels” button, you will be taken to Ecosia’s very own search motor that will let you search among the best booking sites online. You can compare the prices of your favorite hotels and book the hotel at the cheapest option available. That is fantastic in itself. But, did you know that the booking sites give a very nice commission to its referrers? So, when you book a room using Ecosia costing 200 USD, you might end up actually giving a nice amount of money to protect the environment as well.

Book your hotel using Ecosia
Book your hotel using Ecosia

You would book a hotel room anyway…

You would pay for your hotel room anyway, but in this way, you will actually support the environment at the same time! That is simply brilliant and something we recommend everyone to do.

Not only will you pay less, but you will also feel even better as you fall asleep in the bed in your hotel room in Barcelona, knowing that you have financed the planting of several trees simply by booking the room using Ecosia!

For more information about different Barcelona hotels, check this article. You can also find lots of other information about attractions and cool activities in Barcelona here in our Barcelona Guide.

Beautiful Barcelona pictures from Pixabay

Would you like to get a glimpse of Barcelona without actually visiting the city itself? Here you can find a selection of some beautiful Barcelona pictures offered to us all for free at Pixabay.

But, the fact that they can be used for free, doesn’t mean that we are ungrateful. Click the links beneath to see even more pictures from the photographers you like, and make sure to share this article with other people who you believe would love to get a glimpse of Barcelona as well.

Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia: Patrice Audet – Pixabay

Gaudi style in Barcelona
Gaudi style: Benedicl – Pixabay

Barcelona panorama
Barcelona panorama: Walkerssk – Pixabay

Nou Camp
Nou Camp: RiccardoRich – Pixabay

Barcelona port
Barcelona Port: Aranoa – Pixabay

Barcelona cathedral
Barcelona Cathedral: Rytter – Pixabay

Arc Triumph
Arch in Barcelona: MHachem – Pixabay

Parc Guell in Barcelona
Parc Guell: Travelkr – Pixabay

Colorful Barcelona
Colorful Barcelona: Kirkandmimi – Pixabay

I hope you have enjoed these pictures from Barcelona. Please share it with your friends and other fans of Spain and Barcelona. Should you have some praise to give to any of the photographers, visit the links above and write a comment to the actual picture, or you can write a comment here as well.

For more information about Barcelona and what the city has to offer, look around in our Barcelona Guide.

Watching the World Cup 2018 in Barcelona

Spain is a nation of football fanatics, so you do not have to worry about not finding a place to watch the World Cup 2018 in Barcelona. Where can you watch the event in Barcelona? Everywhere!

World Cup in BarcelonaThere will be large screens in bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes in Barcelona during the World Cup. But, if you want to watch the matches in a sports bar, the most famous in all of Barcelona is Sports Bar Rambles, a sports bar with 16 big screens available. This is located in the heart of Barcelona, so it is easy to find.

There are several other bars in Barcelona suitable for watching the World Cup as well. Here are some great bars worth considering.

  • Flaherty’s Irish Bar
  • The George Payne
  • The Quiet Man
  • The Irish Sailing Club Pub
  • Belushi’s
  • Devil’s Kitchen
  • Sonora
  • Paris Taxi

The Fifa World Cup will be broadcasted by Telecinco and Cuatro in Spain. These are free TV channels, meaning that you can just turn on the TV in your hotel room to watch the matches as well. You can also watch them online at their websites. If you do miss some English commentators, you can read more about how to stream the FIFA World Cup online on BBC/ITV in the UK in this article. You can also find a full FIFA World Cup schedule here.

Spain will play their first match of the tournament already on June 15th (second day), and they will play against Portugal on this day. This is one of the most interesting group-stage matches during the tournament, so make sure to arrive in time if you want a good chair in a sports-pub in Barcelona if you want to watch this match.

It will also be interesting to follow the event for the people of Barcelona, as lots of FC Barcelona players will play during the tournament. Lionel Messi will play for Argentina, while Luis Suarez will play for Uruguay. There will be other players active as well, but these are the two biggest stars playing for other countries during the tournament.

FC Barcelona vs PSG

On March 8th football enthusiasts from across the world will look to Barcelona and to Camp Nou. Can Barcelona get revenge for their terrible 4-0 loss at Parc des Princes in Paris on Valentine’s Day in 2017?

Before the match on Valentine’s Day most people expected it to be a close match that would end with a draw, or maybe a one-goal win for FC Barcelona. Nobody expected it to be a run-over which would end with a 4-0 victory for Paris Saint-Germain. So, what can we expect from the match between FC Barcelona and PSG on March 8th?

Can Barcelona beat PSG on March 8th
Marco Iacobucci EPP /

What to expect from FC Barcelona vs PSG?

We believe it will be a match that FC Barcelona will start in 110%. They will be out there to get their early goal which will make PSG insecure, and thus they can keep scoring those goals, and in the end it might end with a 5-0 victory or Barcelona. But, they should of course be careful as one single PSG goal will result in FC Barcelona having to score 6 times to win the match. It seems like an awful prognosis for FC Barcelona to actually win, but bigger miracles have happened before in the football world, so we just have to cheer and hope!

Are there tickets available for the match?

If you want to be there at the match between FC Barcelona and PSG, then you can try to buy tickets at the stadium, or you can visit to order your tickets online.

How to watch FC Barcelona vs PSG online?

If you would like to watch the match online, then our recommendation is that you stream FC Barcelona vs PSG online at Fubo TV. You can read more about Fubo TV and how it works (with screenshots, prices and information) in this article.

U2 concert in Barcelona 2017

On July 18th it is time for a U2 concert at the Olympics Stadium in Barcelona. Are you going to be there at the U2 concert in Barcelona?

The U2 tour in Europe in 2017 will start in London on July 8th in 2017. They will then perform again in London on July 9th (it has been added as an extra concert). After their concerts in London they will travel to Berlin, to Rome, to Paris and they will then come to Barcelona. In our city they are supposed to do only one concert, but if all the tickets are sold out within shortly then maybe they will add another concert just like they did in Rome, Amsterdam and Paris (in addition to London).

U2 concert in Barcelona 2017
U2 concert in Barcelona 2017

The U2 tour in Europe is named The Joshua Tree tour. This is in remembrance of their album named The Joshua Tree which was released in 1987. This wasn’t their first album, but it was a brilliant album and during their tour they will bring forth the popular songs from this album. You better prepare in that way and buy the album named The Joshua Tree before the concert so you will prepared for the tunes you are about to hear on the U2 concert in Barcelona. You can buy it from Amazon in Germany for example. If you are afraid that you do not understand German then you will be happy to hear that you can buy products from in English. Press the link for more information about how it is done.

U2 in Barcelona 2017

Olympic Stadium
July 18th, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Are you going to be there at the U2 concert in Barcelona? Or will you rather just stay in the center of Barcelona and enjoy the beautiful attractions the city has to offer? You can find much more information about the city and what’s going on in Barcelona here in our Barcelona Guide.

Christmas Markets in Barcelona in 2016

Are you in the mood for some Christmas shopping in Barcelona? Want to know more about the Christmas markets in Barcelona in 2016?

There are two Christmas markets that are well known in Barcelona. Here we will give you some basic information about those and also tell you when they will open and when they will close in 2016.

Fira de Santa Llucia Christmas market 2016

This Christmas market in Barcelona is arranged just in front of the big and famous Cathedral in Barcelona. At this market there are around 300 stalls from which you can buy all sorts of Christmas effects. It has its origin back to a celebration of Santa Llucia on December 13th, but has since then developed into a big and full-time Christmas market.

Christmas market dates in 2016: November 27th – December 23rd

Christmas markets in Barcelona in 2016
Christmas market in Barcelona – Iakov Filimonov /

Fire de Reis Christmas market 2016

This Christmas market isn’t as big as the Fira de Santa Llucia, but it is growing every year. As you visit this you can expect to meet around 200 stalls from where you can buy all sorts of stuff. This was first of all a market where children could buy presents and toys, and it has kind of preserved that feeling. If you bring children you should be warned that they will find lots of toys and objects to play with here.

Christmas market dates in 2016: December 18th, 2016 – January 6th, 2017

More about the Christmas markets in Barcelona

At the Spanish Christmas markets – counter to the Christmas markets in cities such as Prague and Budapest – you can mostly buy Christmas trees and other Christmas effects at the markets in Barcelona. Another important object to buy is the so called “Cagatió”. What is Cagatió? It’s a piece of wood with a painted face. A few weeks before Christmas everz family place it in the house and then cover it with a cloth. As the children look to this creature they know that Christmas is approaching.

Getting ready for the Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics will start in a few days and the people of Spain are having great expectations for what the Spanish contestants will perform.

It will be easy for the people of Spain to watch the Summer Olympics. It will be shown on big screens in restaurants and bars all around the nation, and in addition you can watch the live broadcasts on all TVs in the nation. The TV channel broadcasting the event is RTVE, one of the best and leading TV channels in the nation of Spain.

During the Summer Olympics in London in 2012 Spain only got three gold medals. They did however get ten silver medals and four bronze medals. During the Rio Olympics they will for sure be eager to change lots of those silver medals with gold medals, and they will then soon turn into one of the top nations competing in the Rio Olympics.

Spain has strong teams, especially in sailing, and during the Olympics in London they got two gold medals in sailing (Women’s Sailboard, Elliott 6m) and in Taekwondo. One of the most popular sports during the Olympics in Spain is handball, and the people of Spain have great expectations to the female and male handball team. In addition the water polo team for the women can surprise.

We look forward to the Summer Olympics and we will cheer for Spain from the start till the end. You can watch the Summer Olympics and cheer for Spain as well. To watch the event on Spanish TV read the following article and to watch the Summer Olympics online on BBC, read the following article.

If you do not really care about the Summer Olympics, then Barcelona is still a great city. And it is only a few weeks left before Liga BBVA will start with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. The first matches will be played on August 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd – which also happen to be the last dates for the Summer Olympics. You can find a full Liga BBVA schedule right here.


Il Divo concert in Barcelona

Il Divo concert in BarcelonaThe fantastic singers in Il Divo will come to the home of Liones Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar to do a concert, just before the start of Euro 2016.

The Il Divo concert in Barcelona will be arranged on June 5th in Forum Auditorium and if you would like to be there, then you can buy tickets for the concert using the link further down. There you can not only buy tickets for the Il Divo concert in Barcelona, but you can also lay your hands upon tickets to the rest of the Il Divo concerts in 2016 in big and beautiful cities such as Vienna, Prague, Krakow and more.

It might be that you on June 5th, only five days before the start of Euro 2016, you will be a bit tense and excited about the big event soon to start. Maybe you are curious and wondering how and where you are going to watch the matches, but there is no need to worry about that, because you can find out more about how you can watch Euro 2016 online at

Il Divo concert in Barcelona

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

You can find more information about Barcelona here in our Barcelona Guide. Enjoy your stay in our beautiful city!

Netflix has arrived!

Netflix in Spain as of todayWe have had quite a lot of people coming to our Barcelona Guide asking the question whether it is possible to watch Netflix in Spain or not. For a long time the answer has been kind of negative, but that has changed today!

Because, as of today Netflix has arrived to Spain and to Barcelona, meaning that you can now sign up and create a Netflix account and start watching all the beloved Netflix content, also in Spain. Because, for a long time it has been impossible to watch Netflix in Spain, or it could only be done in the same way as you now for example watch HBO Now in Spain. So, if you follow the instructions at you could watch Netflix in Spain until now, but luckily you are no longer in need of such instructions, because you can now simply go ahead and start watching without using any sorts of VPNs or Smart DNS services.

It is not such a big thing for Netflix to launch in Spain, because since Netflix is available in for example Mexico all content is already made available in Spanish, meaning that both dubbing and subtitles are ready, so now you can watch House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black on Netflix in Spain, with spanish subtitles and with spanish  voices as well, if you would like that. Now you might miss those English subtitles if you are used to watching Netflix content with English subtitles, so to get those back you will need to jump to another Netflix region, but since you are in Spain you probably understand Spanish and thus you will have no problem watching Netflix content without English subtitles.

Have fun watching Netflix in Spain, available as of today!

Barcelona in movies

Although Barcelona is a really popular tourist destination there are not too many movies that were shot in this beautiful and vibrant city. So in this short article we collected some of the best movies that takes place in Barcelona.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Vicky Cristina BarcelonaThe first movie we would like to introduce to you is the Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Vicky Cristina Barcelona is an American romantic comedy which was released in 2008. The movie was written and directed by Woody Allen. The story is about the two American friends Vicky and Cristina who spends the summer in Barcelona where they meet a local artist Juan Antonio who is attracted to both of them and he attracts both of them as well. The whole movie was shot in Barcelona and some parts of the movie in other Spanish cities. The movie stars Rebecca Hall as Vicky, Scarlett Johansson as Cristina, Javier Bardem as Juan Antonio and Penelope Cruz as Maria Elena the unstable ex of Juan Antonio.

The Orphanage
The second movie from the list is The Orphanage. The Orphanage (El Orfanato) is a Spanish horror movie which was released in 2007 and it was directed by J. A. Bayona. The movie is centred around a woman Laura who returns to her childhood home to the orphanage. She wants to turn it into a home and the problems arise when Laura and her husband notices that their son, Simòn thinks he has a masked friend who he has a lot of fun with and after an argument he disappears. The movie stars Belèn Rueda as Laura, Fernando Cayo as Carlos who is the husband of Laura, Roger Prìncep as Simòn their son.

– Find out more about how to watch films on Netflix in Spain.

Red Lights
Red LightsThe third movie from our list that was shot partly in Barcelona is the Red Lights. Red Lights is an American-Spanish thriller that was released in 2012. The movie was written and directed by Rodrigo Cortès. The film focuses on a physicist and a university psychology professor. The movie Red Lights stars Cillian Murphy as Tom Buckley, Robert De Niro as Simon Silver, Sigourney Waver as Margaret Matheson, Joely Richardson as Monica Handsen, Elizabeth Olsen as Sally Owen and Craig Roberts as Ben.

The Gunman
The other movie from the list which was also shot partly in Barcelona is The Gunman. The Gunman is an American action thriller that will be released in March 2015. The movie was directed by Pierre Morel and it was written by Don Macpherson and Pete Travis and it is based on Jean-Patrick Manchette’s novel The Prone Gunman. The film stars Sean Penn as Martin Terrier, Idris Elba as Dupont, Peter Franzèn as Reiniger, Javier Bardem as Felix and Ray Winstone as Stan. The movie is about Martin Terrier who is an agent.

The Passenger
Our last movie from the list is The Passenger which was directed by Michelangelo Antonioni and written by Petter Wollen. The Passenger was released in 1975 and it stars Jack Nicholson as David Locke, Maria Schneider as The Girl, Steven Berkoff as Stephen, Ian Hendry as Martin Knight and Jenny Runacre as Rachel Locke. The movie is about the American journalist who is working on a documentary in Chad and gets involved in some shady situations.

These films can all be seen on Amazon Instant Video, and if you want to know more about watching them online on even from outside the US, click the link.