Barcelona Marathon 2025

Does it sound tempting to run a distance of 42.195km while enjoying the wondrous buildings of Barcelona? Why don’t you come to run the annual Barcelona marathon which will let you see sights and attractions such as Nou Camp, Sagrada Familia, famous beaches, Plaza Espana, and other famous attractions while your legs work hard to finish the race?

The Barcelona Marathon was first organized in 1976. A man named Ramon Oliu had been to New York and there he had completed the New York Marathon. As he returned to Barcelona, he discovered that there were no marathons arranged in Catalunya. As a result, he decided to arrange one himself. The Marathon has had many names since its inception, including Marathon Catalunya and Marató de Catalunya. Today the official name is Zurich Barcelona Marathon, often referred to as Marató Barcelona in Catalunyan.

The official name has nothing to do with the city of Zurich in Switzerland, but it is used because the Zurich Insurance Group is the biggest sponsor of the event.

Barcelona Marathon 2025

Date: March 16.

How much does it cost to participate in the Barcelona Marathon?

There are different price categories available. The cheapest option is if you skip all the extras and only pay to participate in the marathon. If you choose that option the price is 65 euros. This price is only available for the first 7000 registrations. After that, the price will increase to 78 euros. Once the number of registered participants reaches 17,000, the price will be 84 euros to participate. The last date on which you can register for the event is seven days before the marathon.

Where does the marathon start?

The marathon normally starts at Plaza Espana. As a result, you can easily reach the starting line using public transportation. The easiest way is to travel using the metro.

Are there people helping me keep pace running the Barcelona Marathon?

There are so-called pacers participating in the marathon. These are there to help you keep your speed at a level suitable for you. The pacers are running with seven different tempos; 2:45, 3, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4, and 4:30. What does this mean? If your plan is to keep a pace of 5:50 minutes per kilometer, you should follow the runner with the 4-hour sign (meaning he is running at approximately the pace you are planning to use). If you have experience running some marathons, you for sure know how this works!

Where should I live if I want to live near Plaza Espana?

Would you like to have a short way to the race and even shorter after you are finished running? Look at the map below to find hotels close to Plaza Espana. You can also see price estimations, making it easier to find one suitable for you.

What are the Barcelona Marathon records?

2023 was a record year for the Barcelona Marathon as new records were made both for men and women. The new records are:

  • 2:05:06, Marius Kimutai (MEN)
  • 2:19:44, Zeineba Yimmer (WOMEN)

We wish you luck running in the Barcelona Marathon. To read more about other events, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and things happening in the city of Barcelona, look at our Barcelona calendar. Would you like to run a marathon in the autumn as well? Why don’t you travel to Budapest to participate in the Budapest Marathon as well?

Top events in Barcelona in 2015

In this short article we will list the top events in Barcelona in 2015. Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain and it is also the second largest city in Spain.
Barcelona 2015
Barcelona is among the most visited cities in whole Europe so during the whole year there are countless programs such as the different exhibitions, concerts, markets and various festivals as well. So in this article we will just go through some of the nicest programs in Barcelona.

If you like sport events and if you are especially interested in marathons then the ‘Barcelona Marathon’ is the perfect choice on a holiday in Barcelona. The annual ‘Barcelona Marathon’ is one of the most popular events in the life of the city and each year thousands of people from different countries attends the race. The route of the race changes every year and usually it leads through some of the most beautiful spots of the city. The goal is to finish the 42km less than 6 hours. This year the ‘Barcelona Marathon’ will take place on 15th March.

Another popular sport events is the ‘Trofeo Conde de Godò de Tennis’ which is a tennis tournament. This year the tennis tournament will be held from 20th April to 26th April. Another awaited event in the city is the ‘La Diada de Sant Jordi’ which is the Lover’s Day. On this day the city commemorates the death of Sant Jordi and in this occasion men give women roses and women give men a book. The best place to celebrate this day is at La Rambla. The ‘La Diada se Sant Jordi’ will be held on 23rd April in 2015.

One of the best reasons to visit Barcelona in the summer is the ‘Barcelona Summer Festival’ (Grec). At the festival you can experience the best concerts, theatre, music and dance performances. The ‘Grec’ is usually held some time in July but the exact dates are not confirmed yet.

In the winter when the weather cools down and Christmas is just around the corner the various Christmas markets open in the city. Usually just like in the other big European cities they are open from the end of November until the end of December. It is one of the highlights of the city in the winter and it is a perfect place to get into the festive spirit and do some of your pre-Christmas shoppings as well.

Apart from these events in the city there are plenty of concerts in Barcelona through the whole year. Visitors can attend the most famous artists concerts such as Katy Perry, Robbie Williams, Roxette, AC/DC, Maroon 5, U2, Nickelback and so on.

If you want to know more on the programs such as the festivals, concerts and various events check tour Barcelona Guide for more information and advices!