Sonar Festival Barcelona 2014

The Sonar Festival is one of the highlights in the festival world in Barcelona. Together with the Primavera festival, which is arranged only one week before the Sonar Festival in 2014, this is a festival that brings tens of thousands of tourists and music lovers to the city of Barcelona.

The tourists not only come because of Sagrada Familia and the Barcelona cathedral in this period, but to listen to some of the hottest artists in the world at the moment. This is not only about music, but the Sonar festival is also about art, so one more reason to check out the event.

The Sonar Festival will be arranged from June 12th-14th in 2014.

Artists at Sonar 2014

Massive Attack, Happa, Balago, Desert, Pau Roca, Downliners Sekt, Copeland, Clippng and tons of other cool bands and names.

Sonar Festival Barcelona 2014

June 12th-14th


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