Getting ready for the Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics will start in a few days and the people of Spain are having great expectations for what the Spanish contestants will perform.

It will be easy for the people of Spain to watch the Summer Olympics. It will be shown on big screens in restaurants and bars all around the nation, and in addition you can watch the live broadcasts on all TVs in the nation. The TV channel broadcasting the event is RTVE, one of the best and leading TV channels in the nation of Spain.

During the Summer Olympics in London in 2012 Spain only got three gold medals. They did however get ten silver medals and four bronze medals. During the Rio Olympics they will for sure be eager to change lots of those silver medals with gold medals, and they will then soon turn into one of the top nations competing in the Rio Olympics.

Spain has strong teams, especially in sailing, and during the Olympics in London they got two gold medals in sailing (Women’s Sailboard, Elliott 6m) and in Taekwondo. One of the most popular sports during the Olympics in Spain is handball, and the people of Spain have great expectations to the female and male handball team. In addition the water polo team for the women can surprise.

We look forward to the Summer Olympics and we will cheer for Spain from the start till the end. You can watch the Summer Olympics and cheer for Spain as well. To watch the event on Spanish TV read the following article and to watch the Summer Olympics online on BBC, read the following article.

If you do not really care about the Summer Olympics, then Barcelona is still a great city. And it is only a few weeks left before Liga BBVA will start with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. The first matches will be played on August 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd – which also happen to be the last dates for the Summer Olympics. You can find a full Liga BBVA schedule right here.