Picasso in the kitchen [Exhibition]

What did Picasso think of the kitchen? In what way did food, restaurants and the kitchen inspire Picasso? Come to Barcelona and discover this temporary exhibition in the Picasso museum between May and September in 2018. In this exhibition, you can discover more than 200 works of Picasso, and they will all give you some […]

Magnificent portraits made by Picasso

A cooperation between the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Picasso museum in Barcelona has led to this temporary exhibition on Picasso portraits in the Picasso museum in Barcelona. Since this is a cooperation between the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Picasso Museum it is only fair that the exhibition can be […]

Picasso and mythologies

Did you know that Picasso was very interested in mythologies? Did you know that the first Picasso painting that was preserved was of the legendary hero Hercules? In the period between November 24th in 2016 and the 20th of March in 2017 you can get to know so much more about Pablo Picasso and his […]

Picasso doing ceramics

We all know Picasso as a painter, but he also sanctified time to ceramics. In this exhibition you can see photographs of Picasso as he works with ceramics. In September the International Ceramic Academy will host its 47th congress in Barcelona. As a result the Picasso museum in Barcelona has decided to host this exhibition […]

An exhibition a different way

The exhibition With Your Own Hands will be on display from December 2014 until next year, March 2015 at the Fundació Joan Miró. The With Your Hands exhibition let all the visitors to experience the exhibition of Rita Ponce de León in a new and unique way. The exhibition tries to show art and the […]

The story of the European medals

This exhibition shows the development of the medals in Europe between the 17th and 19th century. The exhibition illustrates the changes medals went through the centuries and displays a wide range of various medal works from the different kings and rulers in Europe. At the exhibition visitors have the chance to have a closer look […]

Exhibition on Casagemas

The exhibition on Carlos Casagemas is on display at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya from this year October until the beginning of next year. Carlos Casagemas was a Spanish art student and poet who was born in 1880 in Barcelona and he died in 1901 in Paris. Casagemas is best known for his friendship […]

Neutral Zone: Exhibition

The exhibition Neutral Zone shows the art works from the period of the First World War. The exhibition presents a wide range of works from different painters from that time and through their pictures visitors will have the chance to have a closer look on the war, politics and every day life in the world. […]