An exhibition a different way

With Your Own HandsThe exhibition With Your Own Hands will be on display from December 2014 until next year, March 2015 at the Fundació Joan Miró.

The With Your Hands exhibition let all the visitors to experience the exhibition of Rita Ponce de León in a new and unique way. The exhibition tries to show art and the approach of art from a new perspective by letting the visitors discover the exhibited objects in a new and unusual way. At the exhibition visitors will be free to interact with the architecture and the other objects that are presented. This way new opportunities for creativity will open for the visitors where they can experience an exhibition in a different way. The exhibited objects can be moved and touched which gives a free space and let the visitors to be closer to the artist and to art as well. The exhibition With Your Own Hands will take place at the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona, Spain. The exhibition will be held from 19th December 2014 until 15th March 2015.

Fundació Joan Miró
Parc de Montjuïc s/n 08038 Barcelona – Spain

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Neutral Zone: Exhibition

The exhibition Neutral Zone shows the art works from the period of the First World War.

Neutral ZoneThe exhibition presents a wide range of works from different painters from that time and through their pictures visitors will have the chance to have a closer look on the war, politics and every day life in the world. The exhibition will take place in one of the most visited cities in Spain, Barcelona. It is concentrating on the most outstanding Spanish painters such as Pablo Picasso, Milo, Togores, Manolo Hugue.

At the exhibition visitors can explore the foreign painters art works as well such as Picabia, Otto Loyd, Olga Sacharova and so on who escaped to Spain, to Barcelona during the war. During the First World War the catalan painters started discovering a new style and way of painting the avant grade. All the political, cultural, the every day life tension are reflected in the works, the posters, magazines, advertising, stickers, postcards and in the cinema as well.

The exhibition Neutral Zone will take place in Barcelona at the Fundació Joan Miró. It will be shown from 25th October 2014 until 15th February 2015.

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