Magnificent portraits made by Picasso


A cooperation between the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Picasso museum in Barcelona has led to this temporary exhibition on Picasso portraits in the Picasso museum in Barcelona.

Since this is a cooperation between the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Picasso Museum it is only fair that the exhibition can be enjoyed in both museums. That is why this exhibition will first be on display in London between October 5th in 2016 and February 6th in 2017, before it will come to Barcelona to be displayed in the Picasso museum between March 17th in 2017 and June 25th in 2017.

It is a fact that Picasso loved making portraits and also caricatures. That is why this exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to see a mixture of his funny side with his more serious side as you discover his portraits and caricatures.


Some more info about the exhibition (source: Picasso museum website)

The National Portrait Gallery and the Museu Picasso de Barcelona are organising a major exhibition exploring the place of caricature in Picasso’s portraiture, a subject that has not previously been explored in detail. The exhibition will contain paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints from all periods of the artist’s long career. It is being curated by Elizabeth Cowling, Professor Emeritus of History of Art at Edinburgh University, and an independent scholar and exhibition curator.

For even more information on this exhibition take a look at the video beneath.

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