MotoGP Barcelona 2014

The Spanish Grand Prix is the highlight of the year for speed lovers in Barcelona, but for those who want more adrenalin and high speeds the MotoGP is a good second option. While the Spanish Grand Prix is arranged in May in 2014, the MotoGP will be arranged in the middle of June.

On June 14th the best motorcyclists in the world will gather together to compete at the Circuit de Catalunya. This will be one crazy race, and if you do not want to loose out on any of the details, then order your tickets today and get ready. This is also a perfect program for men traveling together to Barcelona, or maybe for father and son on a boy trip to Barcelona. Much better than shopping!

If this sounds interesting, visit the WorldTicketShop link and buy your tickets for the event today!

MotoGP Barcelona 2014

Circuit de Catalunya
June 14th, 14.00


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