Muse concert Barcelona 2013

Spring and good weather are finally here, and it is almost summer, so here is the time for fantastic concerts, which welcomes the public in every point of the world, for example in the most famous city of Spain, Barcelona too.

The popular British band, which formed in 1994, the Muse goes on their giant worldwide tour, The 2nd Law tour, and the second European round’s one station is the popular tourist destination in Spain at 7 June 2013 in the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys.

Probably you have heard about the proud of England, the Muse. The band’s members from Devon County are the singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy, the bass guitarist and vocalist Christopher Wolstenholme and the drummer Dominic Howard. The band released their new album in 2012, this is The 2nd Law, and after that they started a giant sized worldwide concert tour in September 2012. The start of the tour was naturally in England, and after that they were almost every point of the world, and in this spring they will visit again the most important European cities, inter alia Barcelona.

The Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys in Barcelona is one of the most famous stadiums of the city. The arena opened in 1927 and it was renovated in 1989. The capacity of the building is more than 55.000 people.

Do not miss the Muse’s unforgettable concert at 7 June 2013 in Barcelona. Buy your ticket today, because it definitely would be fantastic!

Muse Barcelona 2013

June 7th
Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys

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Muse concert in Barcelona 2013

Rihanna Barcelona 2013

On the first day of June in 2013 Barcelona will be visited by an incredible singer and performer. Rihanna is coming to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and you are of course welcome to come as well. The Rihanna concert on June 1st in Barcelona will start at 20.30 and the venue for the concert is Palau Sant Jordi.

The venue has space for for almost 25,000 people on indoor concerts and events, so you can easily imagine what kind of atmosphere it will be in the arena as Rihanna enters the stage? This is a concert you do not want to miss for the world if you are in Barcelona in June 2013!

The concert with Rihanna will probably be the highlight of the year when it comes to concerts in Barcelona in 2013, maybe with the exception of the Justin Bieber Barcelona 2013 event on March 16th. But, if you are a Rihanna fan, then you know where to be next year on June 1st! Tickets to the event can be bought using links beneath this text.

Rihanna Barcelona 2013
Palau Sant Jordi
June 1st, 20.30

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Rihanna Barcelona 2013
Rihanna Barcelona 2013