Where can I watch World Cup 2014 in Spain?

I will be travelling to Spain and to Barcelona this summer and want to watch the World Cup 2014 matches. What channel will broadcast from Brazil during the World Cup in Spain?

There will be a mixture of channels broadcasting from the World Cup 2014 in Spain. The main rights are given to Gol TV, a pay TV which require a subscription from their viewers, while some of the matches will be broadcasted by Telecinco and Cuatro, whereof all matches where Spain is playing will be available on Telecinco for free (source). If you are a big football fan you will of course want to watch all the matches, so if you are lucky, then you might have Gol TV available in your hotel room, but we can of course not guarantee that. If not, then a solution will always to be look for a sports bar somewhere in Barcelona, and there you can see all matches with or without Spain.

If you want to watch the World Cup 2014 on your computer or tablet from your hotel room, then the following article will tell you how to watch the World Cup online. If you click the link you will also be able to find schedules and see what matches are played when during the FIFA World Cup and information about every single stadium where matches will be played. Lots of good stuff and information.

We hope this information has given you a somewhat good answer. If you still want to watch the Spanish broadcast on Telecinco and Cuatro online, then that can be done, but it will require that you have a Spanish IP address. A guide on how to watch these channels online from outside Spain, can be found here.

Now it is just to lean back, and make yourself ready for what might be a new Spanish victory and World Cup gold medal!