Jacqueline Picasso’s legacy in Barcelona

Jacqueline Picasso

Jacqueline PicassoI think i don’t have to introduce the city of Barcelona. Famous footballers, Spanish atmosphere, beach, party, fun, relaxing, everything you need. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of the province of Catalonia also. But like everywhere, there is sometimes worthwhile to get up off the beach and immerse yourself in the culture. As always, visitors can choose from several opportunities, and not just the Sagrada Familia, the FC Barcelona stadium or the Olympic Village, what was built because of the Olympic Games in 1992, because here is the famous Picasso Museum too.

Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter, was born in 1881, whose work was groundbreaking and many divisive. He was the most important avantgarde painter in the 20th century. Although he was born in Malaga, when he was the age of 14 the family moved to Barcelona, because his father was a successful art teacher, and he got a job at the College of Fine Arts in Barcelona as a teacher. So we can say that the little Pablo had the gene of an artist.

He has gone through many troubles in his life. Picasso was famous among women. He married his last woman, Jacqueline, in 1961 on the French Riviera, where the master lived in those days. Jacqueline Roque was a Parisian lady, who appeared for the first time in Pablo’s painting in 1954. She ended her life by a pistol 13 years after the master’s death.

But let’s talk about something happier: the famous Picasso Museum shows its respect with a wonderful exhibition in front of the present of Jacqueline.  Those who like Picasso’s work, do not miss this great exhibition with the unique pieces, which show bull fights, ancient images and other subjects, what Picasso loved, and we also can see the details of a great love story on the masterpieces.

The exhibition is available between 26 October 2012 and 1 April 2013 in the Picasso Museum, Barcelona. The museum is open from every Tuesday to every Sunday, between 10 AM and 8 PM. Ticket for temporary exhibitions is 4,40 Euros, for the whole museum and temporary exhibitions is 11 Euros.

Everybody have a good time!

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