19th and 20th century – Barcelona exhibition


BarcelonaThis exhibition will take place at the Museu Nacional in the beautiful Spanish city Barcelona. The exhibition displays a collection from the 19th and 20th century and covers the Dau al Set movement and other movements from this period of time.

The Dau al Set movement was the first post-World War II artistic movement which was founded in Catalonia, Barcelona in October 1948 by Joan Brossa. The movement inspired several other artistic movements in Spain such as Grup d’Elx or El Paso. The exhibition presents several objects and artistic creations from this period of time not only paintings and sculptures but a real collection of art works from different artists from this time.

Visitors will have the chance to get an insight look in the life of the 19th and 20th century through the photographies, poster designs, cinema, architecture and decorative art. During the exhibition visitors can also see the master pieces of the modernism from the greatest artists such as Antoni Gaudi or Quatre Gats. The exhibition will open its gates from 24th September until 31st December 2014 at the Museu Nacional in Barcelona.

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