The Three Kings Parade

Would you like to see how the Spanish people celebrate Christmas? You will get a good glimpse at it if you visit Barcelona on January 5th. On this day, the city welcomes The Three Kings (Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthazar) who bring presents to young and old.

This isn’t a little parade. The fun starts around 16.00 by Pailebot Santa Eulàlia (Museu Marítim de Barcelona). The three kings then arrive by boat and are welcomed to the city by the mayor. The mayor offers the three kings bread and salt as a present, representing love and hospitality.

This is a crucial moment in the happenings because it is during this meeting that the mayor gives the key to every single house in Barcelona to the kings. As we all know, this is very important in order for the kings to be able to deliver the presents on the night of January 6th.

The Three Kings Parade

Date: January 5

Where is the parade taking place?

The exact route for the parade changes from year to year. You can find the exact route on the official page of the parade.

In 2023, this is the route.

  • 6.00 pm: Av Marquès de l’Argentera
  • 6.15 pm: Pg Colom
  • 7.10 pm: Av Paral·lel
  • 7.30 pm: Rda Sant Pau
  • 7.45 pm: Sant Antoni Market
  • 8.30 pm: C/ Sepúlveda
  • 8.45 pm: Pl Espanya
  • 9.15 pm: Av Reina Maria Cristina
Three Kings Parade in Barcelona map (2023)
Three Kings Parade in Barcelona map (2023)

Did you know that people in Spain receive their Christmas presents on January 6 and not on December 24 or December 25 like many other European countries? Why not use this chance to celebrate Christmas several times within a few weeks?

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