Night of the Museums 2025 (La Nit dels Museus)

Doesn’t it sound cool to spend a night exploring all the fantastic museums in Barcelona? Several cities have special nights every year in which you can explore the city’s museums and Barcelona is one of them. But let us not forget, Barcelona has some of the most interesting museums in all the world, making it a fantastic place to celebrate the night by exploring several museums.

Many people think the idea behind the concept originates from the movie Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller (made in 2006). The truth is, however, that the idea was conceived in the 1970s in Germany by a man named Thomas J. C. Matheuszik (who was a marketing expert). It took, however, a long time before the first event was organized, and in 1997 the first event was arranged in Berlin. The goal was to attract a younger audience and promote cultural engagement. The event was a success, and it inspired other cities and countries to adopt a similar concept.

These events often include special exhibitions, guided tours, live performances, workshops, and other interactive activities that make the museum experience more engaging and entertaining.

Night of the Museums 2025

Date: no dates announced yet (it was May 18 in 2024).

There are lots of museums participating. You can see the full list at

On these occasions, you normally buy one ticket which gives you access to all museums and programs available during the night. Since there are very popular and special museums in Barcelona, including the Picasso Museum and more, some have special agreements and pricing, so you should be aware of that.