Learn to make Spanish food in Barcelona

Learn to make Spanish food

Learn to make Spanish foodBarcelona offers you a special way to discover the Spanish culture and its cuisine. The Barcelona cooking class let you learn how to make the most delicious and most Spanish meals such as the Spanish omelette, tapas or paella.

Discover the secrets of cooking the perfect Spanish foods in a friendly atmosphere. The cooking class is led by one of the local chefs who will teach you how to make a 4 course Spanish lunch or dinner. If you upgrade to include a guided tour you will have a tour led by one of the local guides who will show you around and give you tips to get the most out of your stay in Barcelona.

The cooking class is located in the central of Barcelona at a cooking school. The lesson begins by preparing some traditional Spanish starters such as seasonal vegetable with traditional romesco sauce or red bell pepper soup flavoured cod and saffron. After this to discover more of the Spanish cuisine you will cook some roasted veal with buttered potatoes or the traditional food the paella which is rice with seafood or other selection of meats. As dessert you will make some delicious Catalan cream or rice pudding. After making all the foods you can eat it and enjoy it with a glass wine of the best Spanish wines of the region. If you upgraded to the guided tour a tourist guide will show you around at the food market called Boqueira Market where your guide will show how to choose the perfect products for your cooking.

If you want to know more about the cooking class and would love to try yourself out, check the following site.

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