FC Barcelona highlights in September 2016

FC Barcelona highlights in September

Are you a football fan coming to Barcelona to watch FC Barcelona in September 2016? There are the highlights on the FC Barcelona schedule!

We all agree that FC Barcelona is the best team in the world, and on a poor day they are still the best team in the world. Lionel Messi has for ages been the big profile of the team, but in the end of the 2015-2016 season and in the start of this current season is seems as if Luis Suarez is the one scoring most goals of the two of them. FC Barcelona will for sure need bot only Messi and Suarez to be in good shape in September, but Neymar is needed as well, because they got some fantastic and exciting matches coming up this month. Here are the FC Barcelona highlights in September 2016.

FC Barcelona highlights in September
FC Barcelona highlights in September – Fc Barcelona – Zaragoza” (CC BY 2.0) by  Oh-Barcelona.com

FC Barcelona highlights in September 2016

Barcelona vs Celtic, September 13th

On September 13th it is time for the first Champions League match of the season for FC Barcelona. They will play it on Camp Nou against the Scottish team Celtic FC, which is led by Brendan Rodgers. For several years the Scottish club did not manage to get to the Champions League, but last season they sacked their Norwegian manager Ronny Deila, and now they are back in the Champions League again. But, will they have a chance against Barcelona on Camp Nou? Not at all!

You might say that Leigh Griffiths is a fantastic player and that he is capable of scoring a lot of goals for Celtic. Yes, that is true. But, he does not have a habit of scoring goals in the most important matches and against other great teams. Last year he failed to score in the Scottish cup semi-final in the local derby against Rangers, and we do not believe he will shine like the star on Camp Nou either. Another problem is that Leigh Griffiths is injured at the moment, and because of that he will not be able to play for Scotland in their World Cup qualification opening match against Malta, and it might be that he will not be ready for the FC Barcelona match either.

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Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid, September 21st

The match against Celtic might be interesting, but the match against Atletico Madrid in La Liga is even more interesting. This is where Barcelona will do their uttermost to revenge their loss against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League last year, and where they will have to win to show that they are the best team in Spain. It will not be easy for Atletico Madrid to score any goals in this match, but they have a good grip on FC Barcelona still. Will they manage to cause trouble for FC Barcelona? We for sure hope they won’t, but it will be so interesting that you will for sure want to be there at the stadium to cheer for FC Barcelona in this match. If you can’t come to the stadium and want to watch the match on your TV or online instead, read the following article in the IP Address Guide on how to watch Spanish La Liga online.

These are the top two matches to be played by FC Barcelona in September in 2016. There will of course be played some more matches, but they are not as interesting as the matches against Celtic and Atletico Madrid.

If you come to Barcelona in September we do recommend you to check out the famous attractions of the city, and do not forget to taste paella, a very traditional cuisine in Barcelona and in Spain.


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