Spanish Grand Prix 2024

The Spanish Grand Prix is the highlight of the year for adrenaline junkies in Barcelona and Spain every year. It is arranged at Circuit de Barcelona outside the city, and it brings tens of thousands of visitors to the city each year.

If you want to be there at the Spanish Grand Prix, make sure to buy your tickets for the event as quickly as possible. It is cheaper to watch the event online or on your computer, but the experience cannot be compared to the experience of watching Lewis Hamilton and the other Formula 1 pilots drive straight in front of your eyes.

Spanish Granx Prix

Would you like to be there to see the Spanish Grand Prix? Or will you not have the chance this year? You can still watch the Spanish Grand Prix online, even though it might not be as entertaining as watching Lewis Hamilton and the other contestants drive live in front of your eyes at the race track outside Barcelona.

Spanish Grand Prix 2024

June 21 – June 23
Circuit de Barcelona

circuit de barcelona

Where can I buy tickets for the Formula One race in Barcelona?

There are lots of websites online offering tickets for the Formula One race at Circuit de Barcelona. If you want to buy tickets from an official source, you should visit This is a great website at which you can buy tickets for all the different Formula One races in the upcoming season at the official prices.

Are you late and cannot buy the tickets that you want anymore because they are all sold out? It is still possible to buy tickets for this and other Formula One races at the largest secondary marketplace for tickets online Viagogo. Click the link to find out more about the prices and how it works.

How much does a ticket cost if you want to be there at the Spanish Grand Prix?

The cheapest official tickets giving you general admission to the Formula One race cost a little bit less than 200 euros. If you want a place at the grandstand, you must pay more than 300 euros per ticket. Below you can see a map showing the track. It includes information about where the big video walls are located, the start/finish line, and also where the different ticket classes and seating sections are located.

circuit de barcelona map

It is easy to think that cheap tickets are sold first, but that isn’t so when it comes to Formula One fans. The best tickets are often the first to be sold, and then the cheapest tickets are the ones that remain unsold for the longest time.

What is the distance between the city center of Barcelona and Circuit de Barcelona?

The distance between the center of Barcelona and the track is a little bit less than 30 kilometers. During normal conditions, you can reach the track within 30 minutes of driving, but things get very hectic during the Formula One weekend, so you should prepare to spend much more time. If someone is crazy enough to walk the distance, Google Maps says you should prepare to walk for about six hours to reach the track.

Are there any hotels close to Circuit de Barcelona?

Would you like to stay close to the track? Or would you rather live in the center of Barcelona and travel to the track on the days of the qualification races and the main race? You have plenty of opportunities, and wherever you book, the hotel will gladly help you with arranging a transfer to the racing track. Below you can see a map of Montmelo with what it has to offer of accommodation. If you want to live close to the track, book one of the hotels or apartments you see on the map below. If you’d rather live in the center of Barcelona, scroll out and book a hotel in the center of Barcelona ideal for sightseeing and eating in great restaurants.


As you can see above, there aren’t a lot of hotels and apartments close to Circuit de Barcelona in Montmelo. In other words, you might find a hotel or apartment in central Barcelona better, and then you can follow the instructions below to travel to the racing track using public transportation or a taxi instead.

How can I reach Circuit de Barcelona with public transportation?

The track is located in a tiny city called Montmelo. The easiest way to travel to the Formula One track is by using the train. You can travel by train from Barcelona Santa (a very central and easy-to-reach station in Barcelona) or from Passeig de Gràcia. You should then travel by train until the stop Montmelo. The ticket costs about 3 euros. The train ride takes approximately 30 minutes. You should, however, be aware that nearly 50,000 people use this method to get to the track during the Formula One weekend, so be prepared to travel on crowded trains.

As you arrive in Montmelo, you have an option to walk about 4,5km to reach the Formula One track.

walk to circuit de barcelona from montmelo railway station

Another option is to use the shuttle bus which travels constantly during the Formula One weekend. The price is about 3 euros per person and these shuttle buses stand ready to take you between the Formula One track and the Montmelo railway station throughout the weekend.

Are there any restaurants in Montmelo?

Would you like to eat a meal in a restaurant close to Circuit de Barcelona? Montmelo only has 8000 inhabitants, so there aren’t a lot of things going on in the city, but if you want to eat a larger meal, you could choose from one of the following restaurants.

  • El Tapeo
  • Bar Restaurante El Pedregal
  • Loro Circuit
  • Viena Montmelo
  • Cafe Central

Do not forget to book your table early, because these are very popular during the Formula One weekend. If you plan to eat in a restaurant in the city of Barcelona you should also reserve a table early considering that an additional 150,000 tourists (Circuit de Barcelona has a capacity for more than 140,000 spectators in total) or more are coming to the city during this weekend. Knowing that they all want to grab something to eat in the most popular restaurant in Barcelona means you might have a hard time finding a free table in the most popular restaurants in the city center.

Is there anything else you need to pay attention to?

It can get extremely hot in Barcelona at this time of the year. Do not forget to bring sun lotion, and you should probably add some sun lotion several times throughout the day. This is especially important if you arrive early to the racing track. If you have sensitive ears, you might want to bring some headphones (in which you listen to a broadcast from the race on the radio), or at least some earplugs to protect your ears from the extreme noise produced by the Formula One racing cars.

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Jun 21 - 23 2024


All Day


Circuit de Barcelona

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