Sant Juan Festival Barcelona

Sant Joan Festival

It is a tradition to celebrate summer solstice in countries around the world. The same is celebrated in Barcelona, and the biggest celebration takes place on the night between June 23 and June 24. On this night the city is filled with people celebrating together, and it is a great chance to enjoy a late night in the Catalunyan capital.

June 24th is the birthday of John the Baptist, but the biggest celebration takes place the night before his birthday. On this day, people often go to beaches and other places to meet with their friends. Together they eat, dance, and the most crazy (in the eyes of the locals) dare to swim in the Mediterranean (which on June 23rd is warmer than the sea ever gets in countries North in Europe). There are bonfires in several locations, and it is a night of community. If you want to taste a local dish on this day, eat some Coca de San Juan. The cake is made with lots of eggs and has the shape of a very stretched sun.

Sant Joan Festival

Date: The night between June 23 and June 24

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Jun 23 2024 - Aug 24 2024


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