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Ciutat Flamenco 2024 (Flamenco festival)

Do you feel the rhythm in your body? Would you like to dance, or would you love to go to concerts and events in which Flamenco is in focus? Come to Barcelona for Ciutat Flamenco (Flamenco City) in which you can enjoy 10 days of concerts and events that will warm your heart and heat your body!

This festival celebrates the art of flamenco, featuring performances by local and international flamenco artists. The celebration let’s you enjoy all sorts of flamenco, including dance, music, singing, and guitar playing.

Ciutat Flamenco brings together a diverse range of flamenco styles, from traditional to contemporary. The festival aims to capture the essence of flamenco culture and heritage, allowing both residents and visitors of Barcelona to experience the magic of this passionate and expressive art.

The festival usually takes place in different venues across the city, such as theaters, cultural centers, and outdoor stages. These venues provide the perfect backdrop for flamenco performances, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in the captivating rhythms and emotions that flamenco evokes.

Ciutat Flamenco 2024

Dates: not announced yet (dates in 2023: October 20-29)
Tickets and program: https://ciutatflamenco.com/edicion-2023/entradas/ (only in Spanish)

There are often additional events arranged before the official start of the festival and also after the festival, so look at the program below if you want to enjoy some Flamenco events, even though you visit Barcelona before or after the festival.

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Oct 20 - 29 2023


All Day

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