The Art of the First Globalization at the MACBA

The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art is pleasuring their visitors with glamorous exhibitions. From the early November 2012 to late June 2013 they open a brand new salons, they call „The art of the first globalization”. The exhibition shows up with the world changes between 1957 and 2011. From the sixties the public transportation, the media system and the communication made a great leap forward and it changed our life seriously. This change shows up on this first floor exhibition in the MACBA.

The museum opened its gates in 1995, and swiftly became Barcelona’s second well attended museum just right after the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. This honorable placing is on the ground of it’s commanding exhibitions, and the building’s exciting mediterranean charm. In December 2007 they opened the Library Reading Room where the visitors get free access to the museum’s books. The building was constructed in the middle of Barcelona for the price of 35 million USD.

The capital of Cataluña has five million souls and it is located at the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean. One of the biggest European staples with a world of boutiques, and probably the biggest and most famous market of the continent, the Mercar de la Buqueria. The great many of products, with rolling mass tourists seduces equally the customers and those, who only want to watch the colorful whirl of Barcelona. Have a great time!

The Art of the First Globalization
Museum of Contemporary Art
November 2012 – June 2013

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