Who will broadcast Euro 2016 in Spain?

That is a brilliant question, but it seems at the moment as if we do not actually have an answer to your question! Because, based on the list on Wikipedia and the list in the IP Address Guide presenting the different broadcasters of the Euro 2016 to be played in France next year in June […]

Where to watch Bayern Munchen – Barcelona online?

On May 12th it is time for Bayern Munchen to receive Barcelona for the return match in the semifinal of the Champions League. In the first match Barcelona managed to score three goals during the last ten minutes, meaning that there has got to be loads of goals and action in Munchen for Bayern to […]

When does it snow in Barcelona?

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain which is also the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. Barcelona is located on the eastern coast on the Iberian Peninsula so the city has Mediterranean climate which means winters are mild and summers are warm. The average temperature in Barcelona at the […]

How can I watch Netflix in Barcelona?

I am bringing my family to Barcelona for winter holidays. Every evening we watch something together on the laptop on Netflix, but I have heard that Netflix is unavailable in Spain. What can I do to make Netflix work in Barcelona and in Spain? That is a brilliant question, and as someone located in Barcelona […]