Christmas markets in Barcelona 2017 🗓

Barcelona is not a Christmas city with Christmas markets like Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Krakow, Budapest and similar cities. But, there are still some Christmas markets worth visiting.

The most famous Christmas market in Barcelona is located in front of the Barcelona Cathedral. The market is titled Fira di Santa Llucia, and this is the biggest market as well. It isn’t a giant market, but you will be able to find local products here that might be nice to bring with you home as souvenirs.

Dates for this Christmas market: might be, but not sure….. November 24th – January 6th

Christmas market Barcelona 2017

There is also a small Christmas market available in front of the Sagrada Familia

The fact about Barcelona is that the bigger events take place between Christmas and January 6th. In this period you better visit Gran Via, as this is the place for a market quite similar to the German/Austrian/Eastern European markets, except for the food and the drinks.

Do you like the sound of this? Or would you rather visit Barcelona in the spring or autumn, and visit Prague for Christmas and some Christmas shopping instead? It is entirely your choice!


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Barcelona vs Real Betis, LaLiga kick-off 2017 🗓

On August 20th, the national day of Hungary (who cares), it is time for kick-off in the Spanish top league. Barcelona will play against Real Betis at Nou Camp.

FC Barcelona had a disappointing season in 2016-17. They did not win LaLiga and they did not win the Champions League either. They proved themselves to be a great team several times, except from the fact that they had some defensive trouble, especially against PSG and against Juventus.

The new season is now approaching, and hopefully, FC Barcelona will manage to play even better this season, and thus win LaLiga and also the Champions League. It will not be easy, especially considering the strength of Real Madrid, a team that seems to be unstoppable nowadays. But, if Neymar, Suarez, and Messi will keep it going like they normally do, FC Barcelona will be a hard team to stop as well.

The opening match will be played in Barcelona on August 20th against Real Betis. One week later FC Barcelona will travel to Alaves to play.

If you would like to be there at Camp Nou to watch the opening match on August 20th, read more about FC Barcelona and how to buy tickets to their matches in this article. To watch FC Barcelona and their LaLiga matches on the Internet, press the link to read an article on the subject from the IP Guide.

FC Barcelona

By Natursports / Shutterstock

What else to do in Barcelona?

If you come to Barcelona at the end of August, the sea will still be warm, and you should absolutely consider a swim in the sea. You could also consider a day trip to Marid, or maybe just a visit to Park Guell. There are loads of programs awaiting you in Barcelona, so you do not have to worry about getting bored.

In our Barcelona Guide, you can check the current weather in Barcelona, you can read about local transportation, find information about the coolest activities and so much more. We hope you will have a splendid stay in our city, and that you will return again within shortly.



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Lady Gagy concerts in Barcelona 🗓

After a long tour visiting several continents, Lady Gagy will arrive to Europe and to Barcelona where she will perform on September 21st and September 22nd.

Even though one can expect nice temperatures in Barcelona during this time of the year, the Lady Gagy concerts will be arranged in the Palau Sant Jordi venue. That is a venue well known to Lady Gaga, as she has performed them several times earlier, latest in November 2014.

Lady Gaga concert

Lady Gaga concerts coming up in Barcelona this autumn

If you want to be there at one of the Lady Gaga concerts in Barcelona, then you can use the ticket link further down on this page.

Lady Gaga Barcelona 2017

Palau Sant Jordi
September 21, 22

Tickets: Viagogo

At the ticket site above search for Lady Gaga, and at once you will get an overview showing all her concerts, and the chance to buy tickets for the concert you are interested in.

For more information about other events and happenings in Barcelona, look around here in our Barcelona Guide.

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Elton John concert in Barcelona 🗓

Elton John concert in BarcelonaOn the third of December Elton John will perform in Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. Are you ready for a fantastic Elton John concert before Christmas?

Before coming to Barcelona, Elton John will perform in Paris on December 1st. Once he has finished in Barcelona, the tour moves on to Monaco where his next concert will be on December 6th. After that the tour moves on to Dubai (on December 8th), and then he will perform in Moscow in Russia on December 14th.

As you probably understand, Elton John will perform in lots of different cities in this year. If you would like to be there at his concert in Barcelona on December 3rd, then you can buy tickets for the event from Viagogo.

Elton John concert in Barcelona

December 3rd, 20.00
Palau Sant Jordi

Tickets: Viagogo

This is only one out of many fantastic concert that will be arranged in Barcelona this year. For more information about all these events and concerts, visit our site about concerts in Barcelona.

If you do not want to be there at the Elton John concert in Barcelona, but you would much rather discover the Christmas markets in Barcelona, or maybe just spend time discovering the attractions of Barcelona, read around in our Barcelona Guide for more information.

As this article is being written in April 2017 Elton John is touring around in the United States. Once he is finished there he will travel to the UK where he will perform in quite a lot of middle sized cities, and after that he will visit small cities all around Europe. You can buy tickets for all these concerts at the ticket site referred to above.

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Barcelona vs Juventus tickets and information 🗓

On April 19th Nou Camp will be packed with a giant crowd cheering for FC Barcelona against Juventus in the second leg in the Champions League quarter final. Will you be there as well?

April will be a fantastic month for football fans considering the quarter finals in the Champions League. Not only will FC Barcelona play against Barcelona, but the other giant from Spain, Real Madrid, will play their quarter final in the Champions League against Bayern Munchen on April 18th at Santiago Bernabeu. Why don’t you plan your trip to Spain already and start your travel in Madrid on April 18th, then in Barcelona on April 19th and then you should go back to Madrid again, because on April 23rd it is time for El Classico in Madrid between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona vs Juventus

Marco Iacobucci EPP /

If you want to prolong your stay even more, then you should come to Madrid on April 12th, which will give you the chance to watch Atletico Madrid play against Leicester in the first leg of their Champions League quarter final.

FC Barcelona vs Juventus tickets

If you would like to be a spectator at Nou Camp for the match between FC Barcelona and Juventus, visit Viagogo and buy your tickets right away. You will have to search for FC Barcelona in the search field, and you will then find tickets to all their matches in the rest of 2017 at once.

Watch FC Barcelona vs Juventus somewhere else

If you can not be there at the stadium, then you should still watch the match. That can be done quite easily at any sports pub around the world. If you are sitting at home and want to watch it, then you can watch the match on Fubo TV, a fantastic sports platform which will also let you watch La Liga, Premier League and so much more. To watch Fubo TV in Spain or elsewhere in Europe, press the link to find out how it can be done in Europe. And yes, you can also watch the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona on Fubo TV four days after the Champions League quarter final, so it is absolutely worth checking out the article.

For more information about other events in Barcelona, read around here in our Barcelona Guide.

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Barcelona Marathon 2018 🗓

Barcelona marathonAre you making plans for your trip to Barcelona in 2018? Want to participate in the Barcelona Marathon 2018? Here are the dates and information.

In 2017 the Barcelona Marathon was arranged on the second weekend of March, and in 2018 it will be in the same way. On March 11th thousands of participants from all across the world will come to Barcelona to take part in this fantastic marathon, and if you haven’t been to Barcelona yet, this is a great chance to live out two passions in life at the same time; running and discovering the beauties of the world.

Barcelona is a magnificent city, and during the Barcelona Marathon you will discover and see some of the most famous attractions in the world while running. Why pay to sit on a hop-on hop-off bus in Barcelona, when you can run around in a marathon and see the same sights?

Barcelona Marathon 2018

March 11th

More information: official website

The 11th of March is a Sunday, so this is a perfect way to spend a weekend in March. For more information about other events and things happening in Barcelona, read around in our Barcelona Guide. To take part in another fantastic marathon, check out the Prague Marathon.

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FC Barcelona vs PSG 🗓

On March 8th football enthusiasts from across the world will look to Barcelona and to Camp Nou. Can Barcelona get revenge for their terrible 4-0 loss at Parc des Princes in Paris on Valentine’s Day in 2017?

Before the match on Valentine’s Day most people expected it to be a close match that would end with a draw, or maybe a one-goal win for FC Barcelona. Nobody expected it to be a run-over which would end with a 4-0 victory for Paris Saint-Germain. So, what can we expect from the match between FC Barcelona and PSG on March 8th?

Can Barcelona beat PSG on March 8th

Marco Iacobucci EPP /

What to expect from FC Barcelona vs PSG?

We believe it will be a match that FC Barcelona will start in 110%. They will be out there to get their early goal which will make PSG insecure, and thus they can keep scoring those goals, and in the end it might end with a 5-0 victory or Barcelona. But, they should of course be careful as one single PSG goal will result in FC Barcelona having to score 6 times to win the match. It seems like an awful prognosis for FC Barcelona to actually win, but bigger miracles have happened before in the football world, so we just have to cheer and hope!

Are there tickets available for the match?

If you want to be there at the match between FC Barcelona and PSG, then you can try to buy tickets at the stadium, or you can visit to order your tickets online.

How to watch FC Barcelona vs PSG online?

If you would like to watch the match online, then our recommendation is that you stream FC Barcelona vs PSG online at Fubo TV. You can read more about Fubo TV and how it works (with screenshots, prices and information) in this article.

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Bruno Mars concert in Barcelona 🗓

Three days after the Bruno Mars concert in Lisbon on April 4th, the same artist will perform in the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a city of sun and happiness, so why not combine sunshine and happiness with a Bruno Mars concert in the magnificent concert venue Palau Sant Jordi on April 7th? The artist will travel the world on his 24K Magic World Tour, and one of the first stops in Europe will be his concert in Barcelona. It might be that Bruno Mars want have much time to visit the Sagrada Familia and the other attractions in Barcelona, but if you come to town, you should for sure visit these attractions and sights anyway. Read around in our Barcelona Guide for more information on what’s worth visiting and watching while in town.

Bruno Mars concert in Barcelona

Bruno Mars concert in Barcelona

April 7th, 19.00
Palau Sant Jordi

Tickets: Viagogo

If you want to know more about the other cities and destinations where Bruno Mars will perform in 2017? Check out for more information on his other concerts and news from other big cities in Europe.

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U2 concert in Barcelona 2017 🗓

On July 18th it is time for a U2 concert at the Olympics Stadium in Barcelona. Are you going to be there at the U2 concert in Barcelona?

The U2 tour in Europe in 2017 will start in London on July 8th in 2017. They will then perform again in London on July 9th (it has been added as an extra concert). After their concerts in London they will travel to Berlin, to Rome, to Paris and they will then come to Barcelona. In our city they are supposed to do only one concert, but if all the tickets are sold out within shortly then maybe they will add another concert just like they did in Rome, Amsterdam and Paris (in addition to London).

U2 concert in Barcelona 2017

U2 concert in Barcelona 2017

The U2 tour in Europe is named The Joshua Tree tour. This is in remembrance of their album named The Joshua Tree which was released in 1987. This wasn’t their first album, but it was a brilliant album and during their tour they will bring forth the popular songs from this album. You better prepare in that way and buy the album named The Joshua Tree before the concert so you will prepared for the tunes you are about to hear on the U2 concert in Barcelona. You can buy it from Amazon in Germany for example. If you are afraid that you do not understand German then you will be happy to hear that you can buy products from in English. Press the link for more information about how it is done.

U2 in Barcelona 2017

Olympic Stadium
July 18th, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Are you going to be there at the U2 concert in Barcelona? Or will you rather just stay in the center of Barcelona and enjoy the beautiful attractions the city has to offer? You can find much more information about the city and what’s going on in Barcelona here in our Barcelona Guide.

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Magnificent portraits made by Picasso 🗓

A cooperation between the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Picasso museum in Barcelona has led to this temporary exhibition on Picasso portraits in the Picasso museum in Barcelona.

Since this is a cooperation between the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Picasso Museum it is only fair that the exhibition can be enjoyed in both museums. That is why this exhibition will first be on display in London between October 5th in 2016 and February 6th in 2017, before it will come to Barcelona to be displayed in the Picasso museum between March 17th in 2017 and June 25th in 2017.

It is a fact that Picasso loved making portraits and also caricatures. That is why this exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to see a mixture of his funny side with his more serious side as you discover his portraits and caricatures.


Some more info about the exhibition (source: Picasso museum website)

The National Portrait Gallery and the Museu Picasso de Barcelona are organising a major exhibition exploring the place of caricature in Picasso’s portraiture, a subject that has not previously been explored in detail. The exhibition will contain paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints from all periods of the artist’s long career. It is being curated by Elizabeth Cowling, Professor Emeritus of History of Art at Edinburgh University, and an independent scholar and exhibition curator.

For even more information on this exhibition take a look at the video beneath.

Enjoy your stay in Barcelona

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Barcelona. If you want more information on happenings and events in Barcelona, look around in our Barcelona Guide.

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